Anna and William

How We Met

From Anna: I met Billy at a time in my life when I “wasn’t looking”. My weekends consisted of going out with friends, planning my next girls trip and getting ready to start a travel nursing career. We matched on a dating app where I had to be the first to initiate a conversation, and I bet I said something profound like “hi!”. After talking for a couple days, he learned I liked to practice hot yoga, and he asked if our first date could be attending a class together. Haha. No. I suggested we do something where my face wasn’t melted off and I smelled decent first. Reluctantly, he agreed to save yoga for later and suggested a steakhouse. We met on a Sunday night at a steakhouse on a dock at the end of March. I am not a finicky eater and I really like steak, so when he suggested we share this huge plate of steak I said yes immediately. I remember feeling at ease with him and laughing the whole time. We took a walk on the dock after dinner and kept talking. I thought the date went well, but I did not have any expectations. The next day he texted me and told me he had already bought movie tickets for Tuesday and I couldn’t back out. That made me laugh and I remember thinking “I can’t wait to hang out with this man again”. We eventually did make it to that hot yoga date which turned into us going together regularly. I wish I could put into words what meeting him has done to my life. This has been a beautiful whirlwind that has swept me off my feet and landed me exactly where I was supposed to be, with my soulmate.

Anna's Proposal in Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN

Anna and William's Engagement in Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN

From Billy: So we met via a dating app that isn’t Tinder. I think she said something like “hey”, and I carried on a pretty one-sided conversation. We got onto the topic of hot yoga, and I said we should go to a class together. I meant just like meet up at a hot yoga place because I didn’t have anyone to do yoga with and I wanted to try it. She said that she “didn’t want to smell like a hockey player for our first date”. Then I suggested we should instead go to a steak house that has all you can eat steak, like an actual date this time. She agreed, and I kept the heavily one-sided conversation going. So the day of the first date arrives, and she tells me she’s going to go hang out with a friend prior. At that point, I was sure she was going to cancel and this was never going to happen. That continued to be my feeling until about an hour before we’re supposed to meet, and she says she is on her way. So I arrive at the restaurant and shortly after she does too, we meet each other, and I can tell she’s a little lit. Then we sit down, and I proceed to have the most hilarious, fun, entertaining conversation ever as she is shoveling steak into her mouth almost as fast as I am. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more with someone I’ve just met. We just seemed to click. After that, we walked around a nearby dock until way after the restaurant closed. At some point, we were talking about wanting to see a particular movie, so after we said our goodbyes I bought tickets to the movie and texted her that I had already bought tickets so she couldn’t back out. It has been that way ever since. We just click, we’re always on the same page, and always know what the other one is thinking and feeling. We’re so similar and so opposite at the same time.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN

Proposal Ideas Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN

How They Asked

From Billy: Pretty quickly into our relationship I knew she was special; maybe 3 or 4 months in I knew I was going to marry her. I had no idea how I was going to do it, and I tend to worry about the details until the last possible minute. Thankfully I have an amazing friend, who is also a photographer so I told her about my plans in the fall of last year. I think I threw out the idea that I was going to do it at the steakhouse that we went to on our first date, and her response was “hahahaha… no.” So we threw some ideas around and came up with the idea of masking it as a maternity photo shoot. I knew Anna would want pictures, and I also knew that she wanted to be surprised. The reality of the proposal didn’t hit me until I was driving all around the city getting all the various things the day before. Thankfully, the photographer and I had a plan that she would bring everything to the location, so I didn’t have to try to bring everything without Anna noticing. I started getting really anxious the day of, feeling the anticipation of trying to make everything perfect, then realizing I had no idea what I was going to say. I spent hours that morning putting together a whole speech of exactly what I was going to say. Usually, we’re holding hands in the car, but on the way to the “photoshoot”, my hands were so sweaty I had to keep them to myself. Then we got there and it seemed like time was going so slowly until finally, the time came. “The floor is lava” was the cue that it was go-time.

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So I got the ring ready waited until the 3rd try like the photographer and I had discussed, got down on one knee, and immediately forgot everything I had spent all day going over. I honestly don’t remember what I said, I also don’t remember Anna saying yes. It’s all pretty much a blank from the time I opened my mouth and forget everything, to when I was putting the ring on her finger. I was so much more nervous than I had imagined I would be.

From Anna: Our wonderful friend Maggie took amazing photos of us back in the fall and when she said she wanted to do “bump” pictures I was quick to jump on that opportunity. A week out I remember worrying about whether my bump was big enough for pictures but our baby girl decided to pop right before we took them. The day of the proposal we cooked a sweet breakfast together and just relaxed until the photoshoot time. I remember him getting ready really early but did not think anything about it.

It was a chilly but sunny January day, and I was excited to get some maternity shots done. Since we have a habit of yelling “floor is lava” Maggie wanted to get some action shots of us pretend playing. The fourth or fifth time I jumped around I found Billy down on one knee with a ring. I was so surprised! He had a tear in his eye and said my full name and then asked me to marry him. He also said he had a whole speech but he forgot which I thought was so cute! Of course, I said YES! I feel so lucky to have that moment captured and the moments of us celebrating afterword. He even had another surprise set up at a local restaurant with pictures of us on the wall, my favorite cupcakes and alcohol-free wine (baby approved). I do not know what I did to deserve this man and his sweetness but I am so glad I get to marry him! I am also so grateful to our photographer and engagement planner Maggie Reade!

Special Thanks

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Maggie Reade
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