Anna and Ulysses

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How We Met

Ulysses and I met during our freshman year of college. I remember sitting in the dorm building hallway on the phone with my friend and I see him and his cousin walking through the hall and Ulysses said a friendly “Hey” to me as they kept walking haha. Our campus was small, and we kept running into each other during passing or at the gym, and the next thing I know, we find ourselves at a party where of course I end upspilling my entire drink on the table and myself & I see him in the background going “OHHHHH” with the biggest smile on his face. Even after seeing my clumsiness in action, we took our first picture together that night and a few weeks later, we officially began dating 6 years and counting to forever 💕

How They Asked

Ulysses truly caught me by the ultimate surprise! We went on a trip to St Martin which we just could not wait for! 3 days into paradise, we go to our room to relax and I see him ironing his shirts “for the week”. He then asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach to see the sunset and I’m looking like a bum while he has a nice dress shirt on and I tell him, “well I can’t go like this! I look bad”, and he tells me, “You could never look bad”. So after I put on my dress, we get chased by the waves and get soaked of course (the irony) and watched the sun as it set. Once we started to head back, he got down on one knee and popped the question! We celebrated with champagne and so many happy tears, it was the best and happiest day of our lives!!!

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