Anna and Trey

How We Met

I am originally from Pennsylvania but was living in Baltimore, Maryland for work. Trey is from Birmingham Alabama but was living in Philadelphia for work. Trey’s Mom took a special assignment for her job in Baltimore for the whole summer just so she could be only a few hours from her son since normally they are across the country from each other. Trey traveled down to Baltimore for 4th of July weekend and was walking with his mom when he spotted an old college lacrosse buddy. They got to talking and trey was invited to tag along to a big 4th of July BBQ his friend was already planning to attend. Trey showed up at my house for the BBQ! We were all up on the roof deck watching fireworks when Trey and I got to talking. We were sitting on a railing when, before I knew it…he was gone! He fell backwards off the railing onto the roof of the building next door. I absolutely panicked. I thought, “this new guy I just met is dead or seriously hurt.” But he popped right up and I cleaned up his scrapes. The rest you might say is history… I moved back to Philadelphia and we got an apartment and an adorable golden retriever puppy.

how they asked

On a trip back to Birmingham, Trey said we were meeting some friends for a drink downtown. He pointed out the gorgeous historic Alabama theatre and walked me under the overhang. Then he stopped me and turned me around so I could see the marquee. When I turned back around he was down on one knee. After the most perfect proposal all of his friends and family were waiting for us at the bar. It was the best!

Anna and Trey's Engagement in Birmingham, Alabama

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