Anna and Tony

271812_1902972611578_6769579_oHow we met: It was the year 2004, I was a junior in high school and he was a senior at another local high school. During this time, AOL instant messenger was our gateway of communication with friends and of course future boyfriends :) so one day my friend, Tracy Tran came up to me by the lockers and asked for my aol screen name because she has lost it. The next evening, an instant message popped up from a new screen name not on my buddy list and just said “hi” I was hesitant to accept at first, but then I thought what the heck and accepted anyways. He said he is Tracy’s cousin and he was looking through her photo album and came upon one of my photos and thought I was cute so Tracy gave him my screen name and recommended he should just talk to me. Creeper status right? But a turn of events happened when I looked at his buddy profile and found a link to his Xanga page (another big thing during highschool). I recognized his full name (that I found on the Xanga page) because we actually both went to the same middle school, but he moved to a further part of the city so that’s why he didn’t go to the same high school. Anyways it was no biggie, he was in my P.E. class and I thought he was cute that’s all, but he had no idea who I was because we never really talked. Tony will tell everyone today that I was his little stalker back then in 7th grade. So the creeper situation did go away because at least I knew who I was talking to. It started with nightly chats on aol and he finally asked me out on Valentines day and we’ve been together ever since. 10 years I know!!

how they asked: It actually started first thing when I woke up on Sunday May 4th, 2014 and found a bouquet on my table. It was from Tony with a note on it that said “Hope you have a great day with your friends!”

photo 1

We had a nail salon appointment at 10:00am that day, because my friend, Karyee had a groupon that was gonna expire.  So we went along with my best friend, Jess to get pampered. After that we got lunch and ate back at my house and when I got back to my room, I came upon another surprise! In the card was a note from Tony that said pick one and I’ll see you in an hour.

photo 2

My friends helped me pick a dress, after I got changed. They said lets go shopping at Brea Mall! We leave to Brea and as soon as we pull into the Brea mall parking lot, Karyee pulls a blindfold over my eyes from the backseat and said “Sorry Anna!” (in a scary kidnapper way) but from that point I had an idea what was going on. I sit in the passenger seat blindfolded (which I realized the blindfold is my graduation sash that was super dusty that Karyee grabbed from my room) and we finally stopped. Someone grabbed me and walked me for about 2 minutes and removes the blind fold and see all my friends and family in line holding signs under a beautiful rose arch walkway. The first person was Tracy holding a “Our Love Story” sign, which was perfect because she was the one that actually did start our love story! After walking through and reading all the touching signs held by my closest friends and family, Tony was at the end waiting for me. And after 10 long years, he finally asked me to marry him!

Special thanks to all my friends and family that was there for the wonderful surprise!







Sign Holders in order of appearance: Tracy Tran, Holly Ta, Eric Chang, Karyee Chow, Catherine Tang, Ling Su Ly, Bobby Singh, Jessica Wong, My mom and Tony’s Mom. Friends and family who helped set up, helped Tony plan, and helped create the beautiful boards: Juliet Le, Elizabeth Phan, Dori Wong. To our amazing photographers who captured this special day: Ryan Le, David Phan, Garrett Hamachi, Bao Tran