Anna and Taylor

how we met

So we met through the princess performance company I work for. We had a cast party last summer that turned into a surprise pregnancy announcement by my bosses. Taylor is their adopted brother and was there for the occasion. It was definitely a God thing, because our paths had never before crossed in the nearly 5 years I’ve worked for the company, and this wouldn’t have worked out had we met any sooner! A month later, we became friends talking through Instagram, and a month after that, we met up for tacos.

how they asked

Flash forward to this winter and he has big proposal plans that keep getting thwarted by the COVID developments. He took to carrying the ring around with him in his pocket looking for an opportune time! The right moment came when we went for a late night walk on a hiking trail near where I live. At midnight on March 27, he got down on one knee under a trail light and asked me to marry him! I’m a classically trained actor and he’s a Jiu Jitsu state champion, and both of us are very excited to have a family. We’re hoping to work at jobs that allow us to pursue our passions and be dedicated to our faith, each other, and our future children. Plus, we have a dream of one day opening a wedding venue of our own (who knows?). It’s been an adventure from day one for us, and we can’t wait for the rest of it!

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