Anna and Taras

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How We Met

I always knew that I would not meet my another half through the internet or at the club. We were introduced to each other by our friends not even one time, but THREE times, but never could remember each other. He was working as photographer at the night clubs, one night I was there with my friends. I did not remember his name or even a face, but his blue eyes were always in mind from that night. As for him, he noticed me when I was having a blast at the dance floor. He made a first step and ask for cup of coffee, and I was wondering to get known what’s hiding behind those serious blue eyes.

how they asked

We were heading to St. Pete in Florida for our first video assignment as a team, he as a photographer/ videographer, me as an manager / model, to film the ad for our friend’s Vacation Rentals. We were working and filming all day long; he looked really nervous all the time, but I thought it’s because of the project. The first evening there, we chose to go to the small historical town nearby for good. We were walking the main street, looking for a good place for the video and enjoying fun atmosphere and lights all over the places. It was Centro Ybor where he asked me to turn back and to start to act after his signal, but instead… he came to me, stood on one knee and asked to spend our lives together. The people around were applauding and cheering up.

That was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I said YES!

Our Video