Anna and Stephen

how we met

Stephen was the college recruiter that recruited me to Cedarville University! My dad and I met with him when we visited campus my senior year of high school. He convinced me that Cedarville was the best school so I came!

how they asked

Stephen and I normally worked out together on Saturday mornings. But, instead of showing up at my apartment in his normal workout attire on a Saturday morning in February, he showed up all dressed up, and clearly not prepared for any exercise. He handed me breakfast and a note and told me that someone would be there in an hour to pick me up – I was so surprised! An hour later, my sister arrived and drove me to a nearby park where she directed me down a path that lead me to a beautiful winter wonderland filled with roses, lights, and my soon-to-be fiance. It was there that Stephen got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and asked me to be his wife! It was such a magical moment. Little did I know, that both of our families had driven into Ohio the day before to surprise me with an engagement party! We spent the rest of the day celebrating together with them and enjoying our new-found role of “fiance”.

Special Thanks

 | Ring Designer
Indian Mound Reserve
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