Anna and Shaun

Image 1 of Anna and Shaun

How We Met

We met through the church we go to through a mutual friend. I told my friend I thought he was cute thinking nothing of it and the next thing I knew she had texted him, gave him my number and we had a date lined up for the end of the week. We went on a first date and that was it, and here we are!

How They Asked

He came home with me for Thanksgiving and this particular day was adamant about going to Vestavia Hills Baptist Church to see the sunset that evening. This particular place is one of my favorite views over Birmingham and he knows that. It was gloomy this day but he still wanted to go so I had my suspicions. My brother and sister ended up coming with us which led me to think maybe I wasn’t being proposed to as I had thought, little did I know they were apart of the plan. We get up to the overlook, Shaun took some drone footage before pulling me to the middle of the overlook. He had my sisters phone in his hand reading from it because he was so nervous, meanwhile my sister and brother are recording the whole thing. He spoke for a bit and then pulled out this little red box and got down on one knee as I started screaming joyful screams. It was simple but really special because he knew how much I loved this place!