Anna and Shane

How We Met

Oh boy, where do I begin? I grew up in a strict old fashioned household. It was me, my dad and my 5 older brothers. When I was 16 I worked at a local hardware store as the cashier after school. Little did I know working there would change my life forever. Some guy pulled up one day in a big truck and immediately caught my eye. This guy came inside and we exchanged smiles. I looked at my coworker in AW, this guy was CUTE!! There was just something different about him though than the rest of the guys that walked in every day. He went out back to one of the aisles and took what seemed like forever. He finally came up and we smiled at each other again. I thought maybe he would have asked for my number or something but I guess I was wrong because he paid for his things and left.

Until later that day, he came in a second time! This time I had a feeling it was for me. He took another really long time in the aisle and came up front smiling at me the whole time. I was rushing this customer at the front so I could talk to this guy! Of course, just as I’m handing this customer his receipt, a coworker opened up the register next to me and was ready to help the next person in line. I was annoyed but I just kept going on with my work day, after all, it’s not like I know this guy! Later on, I got a message on Facebook from someone I didn’t recognize. I put my phone down and Waited until I got out of work. My dad picked me up at 6 after my shift and I checked Facebook again. The message was from the cute guy at work!! I couldn’t believe it. I was happy but also a little creeped out that he found me. He asked me if I was the girl that worked at the hardware store that day and I said yes!

He told me that the second time he came in he was going to attempt to get my phone number until we got disconnected by my coworker opening up the other register. He found me on Facebook because it was Christmas time and I was wearing a Santa hat with my name on it at work, duh. He asked me to go on dates so for the next few weeks I had to sneak around to see him. God knows my strict dad wouldn’t allow that! The day after Christmas, he had asked me to be his girlfriend. I had met his mom and his whole family who I really clicked with immediately. My dad was gonna be the tough one to please.

New Year’s Eve came around and it was the day I got my dad to agree to meet this kid! My dad took him into a room, (probably threatened his life) and that was it. They walked out and my dad said: “ have fun kids”. THAT WAS IT. We were both in shock at how easy it was. But we took it and ran. Little did my dad know, they would become best friends. The next 5 years we went through a lot. Like, a lot. Things that would have broken an ordinary relationship well before our 3-year mark. But we stuck by each other’s side and always promised we would be there for each other through it all, we kept those promises. We have pulled each other out of some dark times and been there for all the good.

How They Asked

Fast forward, Christmas Eve 2018. I and my boyfriend added an addition to my dad’s house so we could stay there for a couple of years and save money for a house. We spent all day that day trying to finish it so we could open our presents under our own Christmas tree in our own little space. While I was helping my dad set up the house for the Christmas party he throws every Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and brother were finishing our addition. (Christmas is my favorite holiday and everyone knows it)That night during the party, Shane asked me if I wanted to open up my presents early.

Of course, I said yes and he told me to meet him in our room. So he ran down to our room and I took my time so he could get whatever it was together! I walked in and he was jumping up and down in excitement. I smiled and walked up to him, he dropped on his knee and proposed. I immediately said yes!! He told me he wanted to ask me on Christmas Eve not only because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but also because it’s another reason we can celebrate every year and share the stories with our kids in the future.

Anna and Shane's Engagement in At home

And that’s why he wanted to finish our addition so badly, so it would be done in time for us to celebrate in our own space. I filled up with tears and gave him the biggest hug and kiss before we went back to the Christmas party and told everyone the news! Everything we had gone through the last 6 years was rushing through my head. I was so overwhelmed and so happy. We were 16&18 when we started dating and now we’re engaged at 22&24. That night I fell in love with him all over again. I can’t imagine my life without this man and I can’t wait to take his last name.

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