Anna and Sergio

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How We Met

Who would have thought I would meet the love of my life in drivers ed at 15 years old? It was spring of 2008 and I sat next to Sergio’s best friend, and he sat next to mine. We instantly had a connection and were best friends for about a year (I played hard to get for a while) and then on September 9, 2009 Sergio asked me to be his girlfriend. We were head over heels for each other, and didn’t even know what we were feeling because we were each others first (and only) relationships. Sergio has been my only love. He has been by my side for high school, college, and the real world. In our seven years of dating we have grown together, cried together, lost together and fought for each other. He is my person.

how they asked

So after seven years of dating, I knew a proposal was in the near future. Sergio and I had a trip to NYC planned and I was so sure the proposal would happen on our trip. All of my friends assured me he wasn’t going to propose in NYC so I dropped it. I thought, “maybe by Valentines Day?”. So when a friend of mine planned a nice dinner for a Thursday night I had no suspicious thoughts. Our reservations were so early in the evening that I did not think I needed to dress nice. But, when I got to work in my yoga pants and sneakers my friends about had heart attacks. They immediately made me call a friend to bring me nicer clothes for dinner. I was so confused why so many people cared about what I was going to wear to dinner.

Right when I got off work a friend called me saying she wasn’t feeling well and was stuck at a park in Dallas. I quickly grabbed my things and started driving to the park. I was speeding and (maybe) ran a red light because I thought a friend was in distress! I get to the park and I realize it’s the same place Sergio and I had one of our first dates. Right as I was having that thought I saw Sergio standing in front of a path of red roses. In that moment I knew Sergio was about to ask me to be his wife.

I ran out of my car, shaking like crazy, and ran into Sergio’s arms. He walked me over to the proposal spot where he had pictures of us from the past 7 years, along with his favorite memories. I was in total shock. This was the last thing I expected and it was everything I dreamed it would be. Weeks later and I’m still on cloud nine.

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Special Thanks

Haley Ringo
 | Photographer