Anna and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I grew up in the same church and schools. We knew each other, but we didn’t really become friends until the beginning of my junior year/his senior year of high school at a back-to-school retreat with our youth group. After months of hanging out and talking all the time, we started dating!

how they asked

Michael and I decided to go on a somewhat fancy date because he was going to be moving soon for his new job. He really wanted to have a date in downtown Birmingham because he would miss it so much when he moved. We’ve always loved the downtown area and have the majority of our dates there. I thought that we might be getting engaged soon, but I didn’t know exactly when.

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When Michael picked me up he was dressed super nice with a coat and tie, and I was just in my usual sundress and sandals. On the way to the restaurant I kept asking him to take off his jacket because he was dressed way nicer than me, but he kept making up excuses to leave it on (I found out later that it was because the ring was in his jacket pocket). The restaurant we went to was in a historic hotel downtown. The weirdest thing was that the restaurant was completely empty. Michael did not plan that, so he kept slowing down as he ate to waste time because we got our food really fast. Over the dinner he kept casually bringing up how nice of a night it was and how we should try to get on a roof top to see the sunset. I didn’t think much of this because we’ve done stuff like that before.

He got up to go to the restroom near the end of the meal, but really went to talk to the hotel manager to make sure that everything was ready. He had worked everything out with the hotel and restaurant that week, so they were prepared for his plan. Then, when he got back he asked the waitress if it was possible to go up on the roof. To my surprise she said she would ask. She came back and said that someone at the front desk could take us up there. Michael was acting surprised about the whole thing, and I couldn’t even tell how nervous he was.

The hotel’s manager happily told us that he loved to show people the roof (they actually never do). When we got up to the the view was breathtaking. Before I really took it all in, the manager told us to go stand in this certain spot in the corner. Right then, Michael told me how funny it was that I thought there wasn’t going to be a proposal tonight, how I was a blessing in his life, how he loved me, and how he was thankful for me. Then he got down on one knee and said, “So, if it’s ok with you, will you marry me?” I pulled him up and hugged him while grinning and nodding a “yes!” He had to ask me if I wanted the ring because I was so excited and almost forgot all about putting it on!

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Two photographers came around a corner as he was proposing and captured the moment perfectly. Before I could process everything that was happening we were being posed for pictures, which was great because I might have cried otherwise. After a few minutes we went back downstairs, and when we got off the elevator both sets of our parents were waiting in the lobby! That’s when the tears started. I was so happy that they were there! Michael said it was so we could start off our engagement with the two best examples of godly marriages in our lives.

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I am beyond blessed and can’t wait to marry my best friend!

The Lord is good, and we owe all the glory to Him.

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