Anna and Michael

How We Met

I had seen Michael around The University of Tulsa campus many times, but didn’t ever strike up a conversation until Fall of my Sophomore year. Michael had wished me a Happy Birthday on social media and struck up a conversation the next day at his fraternity’s annual Halloween Party. His laughter was infectious and he was (and still is) such a fun, lively person to be around. We became friends and would see each other around campus over the next few months.

Then one day in February, Michael asked me to go get coffee at Coffee House on Cherry Street, a local coffee shop in Tulsa. He clearly already knew that coffee was the way to my heart. During our coffee date, he pulled a folded up note out of his pocket that had photos of a hand spelling out words in sign language. I had recently been learning the sign language alphabet from my sorority sisters and he asked me to help him read the note. As I looked at the pictures and spelled out the words – I realized the note spelled “Dreamgirl?” (the name of his fraternity’s formal). I looked up and told him that I’d love to be his formal date! It was a perfect surprise and the wonderful beginning to our relationship. Even after almost four years together, Michael is still as thoughtful as ever!



how they asked

I had made the decision I wanted to ask Anna to be my wife a long time before I decided to buy a ring. But one Wednesday evening in August, I decided it was time. After purchasing the ring, I called her family to ask for their blessing which they graciously gave.  Both her family and mine were so excited and couldn’t wait for the proposal to happen.

I convinced Anna that we should go to dinner over Labor Day weekend since most of our friends would be out of town.  I chose Spindletop because the restaurant itself rotates 365 degrees every hour, providing the beautiful and expansive views of Downtown Houston.  Then I searched for a photographer because I knew Anna loved proposal pictures and our family would appreciate the documentation since they wouldn’t be there for the moment itself.

Finally the day arrived and I was as so anxious as you can imagine.  Anna and I spent most of the day at a University of Tulsa football watch party, which fortunately helped calm my nerves.  After the game, I dropped Anna off at her apartment and went home to get dressed for dinner.  When I picked her up I was sweating and my heart was beating like I had run a marathon.  She didn’t seem to notice until we got to the restaurant and asked me why I was talking so much.  The restaurant waitstaff was made aware of my plan by the hostess and kept wishing me luck while Anna was in the restroom.

After dinner was finished, it was time. I almost passed out from nerves.  We were at a large table, so I had to figure out a way to get myself over next to her chair. I fibbed and told her she had something on her cheek and stood up to walk over to “get it off for her.” Once I got to her side of the table, I got down on one knee and said some nice words (that I don’t remember).  As I dropped to my knee the photographers, who had been hiding in plain sight at a nearby table, swooped in like paparazzi to take pictures. Anna started tearing up as she said yes.  The restaurant manager brought us celebratory champagne and we took photos then called our friends and family. It was a perfect night.








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