Anna and Matthew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Toronto

How We Met

we worked together at the movie theatre, our first ever jobs. He was my supervisor! I asked him to go to prom with me as a friend because his dad owned a vintage mustang. He turned me down multiple times because he had already graduated. We started dating two months before prom, he said would say no every time I asked. Finally one week before prom, he said he would go with me! 8 years later we are married!

How They Asked

we took a long weekend vacation to visit his sister in Toronto. It was our final night in Toronto so we decided to take a walk before going to supper and a baseball game. We were posing for some silly pictures together and he asked me if there was anything I wanted to do before I left Toronto, and I said “I would love some ice cream!”. Well, he said “I have one thing I still need to do before we go home”. He got on one knee and pulled out a ring! Turns out he had been walking around Toronto with the ring in his pocket all weekend waiting for the right moment.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Toronto


Special Thanks

Melissa Dempsey
 | My amazing sister in law who took the pictures