Anna and Kale

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How We Met

We both have a mutual friend that thought Kale & I would be perfect for one another. A few weeks later we ended up at a local Mexican restaurant together with a group of friends. I’ll always say I was excited about the tacos most of all, but in the back of my mind I was truly excited to finally meet this infamous Kale. I hardly said a word to him the whole night! Later, after we began dating, I found out that Kale took my quietness, not as a lack of interest, but as a personal challenge to get to know me better. We kept hanging out in group settings while the chemistry between us continued to build. It seemed like months until Kale finally asked for my number, but after that becoming more than friends was undeniable. Kale asked if he could get to know me better over dinner. Our first date was a classic and we got lost in conversation for hours.

how they asked

Kale had been ring shopping for several months. I knew exactly what I wanted. Because I can be known to be picky about design Kale kept me pretty in the loop about the whole shopping ordeal. The week before the proposal I was working out with a friend and told her I had this gut feeling that Kale might propose this coming weekend. She knew, but let on like she didn’t. Later that week Kale called me letting me know that he was struggling finding the ring and hasn’t even bought it yet. I fell for Kale’s lie and threw my whole notion of thinking he would propose that weekend out the window. But, little did I know, he had already had it for a month! The weekend rolled around and Kale & I & some of our friends went for a hike in Chattanooga to Edwards Point. Kale and I were sitting on one of the rocks looking out at the view.

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I was hunched over because it was cold & windy and I asked Kale if I could have something to drink. He gets up and says, “Not until I propose to you first!” I was in complete SHOCK yet part of me wanted to say ‘I knew it!’ He gets down on one knee with ring in hand and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. I think all I could do in the moment was nod my head, but I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Kyle Hicks
 | Photographer