Anna and Jared

Anna's Proposal in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

How We Met

Jared and I met 5 and a half years ago through a mutual friend. I was going up to visit my high school friend who was staying at college over the summer for a job. I was working full time and taking summer college classes. I had a huge project due that Saturday and as of Thursday night I still didn’t have it done so I almost cancelled going up for the weekend (since I had to work all day Friday). But i worked all night and got it finished, got very little sleep, worked all day and then started the (what was supposed to be) 4 hour drive right after work. The drive ended up taking me over 6 hours because of accidents and I almost turned back so many times. I am forever thankful I didn’t. I show up and my friend starts talking about how sad she was that her friend Jared wasn’t going to be around this weekend (I had no idea that she had wanted to set us up). The next day my friend, her boyfriend, another friend of theirs and I hung out. The entire time all 3 of them wouldn’t stop saying how sad they were and how much they missed Jared. It got to the point where I wanted to yell at them that I didn’t have any clue who this person was so I couldn’t share in their sadness. We drive back to the guys house that afternoon and they see Jared’s car in the driveway. Their friend got so excited that he jumped out of the car while it was still moving (breaking his phone in the process) just to get in to see Jared faster. My friend jumped out before the car was parked to run in. I decided to wait til the car was no longer moving, again thinking everyone was crazy. I didn’t end up meeting him until hours later because my friend didn’t want to walk up the 3 flights of stairs and they wouldn’t come down. So we went home, got ready for dinner and then met up with everyone again. The entire time getting ready I got to hear how amazing Jared was. In my head there was no way anyone could live up to what everyone was saying about him. We met up with everyone and I saw this guy. I remember being shocked and the first thought in my head was “he is so attractive”. I’m normally a very shy person so I didn’t talk to him then. But we went out to dinner and ending up sitting next to each other. Our first conversation was about how he hated ham in cube shapes because it was unnatural and how I loved potatoes and hated pasta (he is from an Italian family and lives on pasta). We went back to the party after dinner and I didn’t interact with him that much until the end of the night when it had quieted down. I started up a conversation with him. Next thing we knew the sun was rising. We ended up talking for 9 hours straight, I’ve never talked that much in my life. But everything felt so natural and easy. I went back to my friend’s house and he went home, without asking for my number.

From his viewpoint – He wasn’t supposed to come up to visit that weekend because he was preparing to move across the country for a job in Seattle. He ended up having some free time so he drove up just for Saturday, because he had his baby sister’s graduation party on Sunday (which I made him late to). He also couldn’t believe how well we had clicked. He didn’t ask for me number because he had done long distance before and it had always ended badly. So he didn’t want to start anything between us. But after he left he was kicking himself for not getting my number so he ended up asking my friend for it. He texted me that night and that was it. We didn’t go a single day without talking for over 2 years.

Two weeks after I met him he moved across the country. A little over 3 years into our relationship he convinced me to move out to Seattle with him and we’ve been happily living out here for 2 years now. We have a cat named Indie. And none of it almost happened because we both almost didn’t go that weekend. But I am so glad we did.

How They Asked

I am in love with Ireland. Have been my entire life. I went to visit the country in 2016 with my aunt and cousin, but I really wanted to show Jared the country. So I convinced him to go visit with me this year. I planned the entire trip, set up the itinerary and everything. Some of my friends kept saying that he was going to propose while we were there, but I kept telling them he wouldn’t. I had planned our trip, there was no way he could. Little did I know that once I had everything planned he scouted out the different locations to see if there was anywhere he thought would be perfect to propose.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

He picked the Cliff’s of Moher. Absolutely stunning background. It could not have been more beautiful. I meanwhile, having no idea what he had planned, was preparing him for the site on our drive up. I told him it was one of the most crowded places, it is incredibly windy, depending on the weather we might not be able to see very far and we would need lots of jackets. I had a clear day the last time I was there, but it was very cold and windy. We put on all of our jackets and headed up. Jared starts booking it in one direction away from the crowds. We quickly realize that it is an absolutely perfect day. We are HOT in all of our layers. I take everything off down to my shirt, but Jared still had his vest on. If you knew Jared you would know that he gets hot before anyone else, so this was very strange. But I didn’t think too much of it. Little did I know that he had the ring box in his vest pocket. He found us a location away from everyone else. He had gotten a nice camera this year and said he wanted to try it out, so he set it up to take some pictures of us. After we took some pictures, people came over and sat near us to eat their lunch. He told us to take a break (he didn’t want anyone around when he proposed). Once they left he told me to get ready in front of the camera, little did I know he was turning the recording on. He comes over and I am very confused and ask him where his phone is. He ignored me and got down on one knee. I started crying and hid my face. As this was happening he dropped the ring (which I didn’t see but we got on camera! :D) and i told him yes while covering my face. I realized he couldn’t hear me so I had to say it again. It was absolutely perfect. Thinking back so many things made sense, he had wanted me to wear “nice clothes” (not that many options while traveling). And he played our playlist of songs on the drive up to the Cliff’s. Hr proposed on a palindrome date, 9.13.19. Our dating anniversary is 07.13.14. Add to that that his birthday is April 13th, we decided that the 13th is our lucky number and our wedding date is set for 06.13.20.