Anna and Ilyas

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My fiancé is originally from Morocco so we took a trip there so I could see where he grew up as well as meet his family for the first time. He took his brother, sister and I to a beautiful resort in the Sahara desert where we experienced a camel ride, live entertainment and amazing food. On the last day we woke up at 4:30am to head out into the desert sand dunes to watch the sunrise. We had brought our cameras and we were taking tons of pictures because it was absolutely breathtaking. At one point his brother had told us to go over to a certain spot to take a picture. We walked over to a bush and I had said to my fiancé “this is literally the most beautiful place I have ever seen it would be the perfect place for a proposal.” All of the sudden he points down to a little bush and there was a ring box sitting in the sand. I was like “huh?” I look back at him and he’s on one knee opening up the ring box! I was so surprised! The sun was rising at this point and it was absolutely breathtaking I was totally surprised!

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Special Thanks

Amal Bouramdane
 | Photographer
Youssef Bouramdane
 | Photographer