Anna and Ihsiah

How We Met

A year ago an excited girl stood up at a wedding to catch a bouquet, no sooner than that her life changed forever. If you ask her, he sat along the sidelines and did not notice her at all, not even when she was dancing.. but in just a moment’s fate came into play when he caught the garter. A year ago today, we are still celebrating our love for another. Ihsiah is a Sailor in the United States Navy, getting ready to deploy on a submarine (and before you, it is not yellow! haha) and he was not supposed to be home until December.

how they asked

Anna thought Ihsiah was taking her to a special anniversary dinner, but little did she know he is the king of surprises. As he pulled in the Shabby Chic Barn where they met, and another huge milestone was about to take place, and he leads her to the dance floor, where he first laid eyes on her. But before I continue, let me give you a little backstory.

Ihsiah managed to…WHILE IN TRAINING ON A SUB reach out to the photographer, Maddness Photography, from Clearwater, FL, and they together reach out to Crystal, and the AMAZING staff at the barn, get a ring, coordinate this all so we could make this come to life. FREAKIN’ IMPRESSIVE RIGHT?

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I was told, by Maddy, the photographer to take off my blindfold, and found Ihsiah in the last place I expected, on one knee.

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I was convinced it would not happen until December by the hints he gave me. This was the best day of my life, I get to marry my best friend.

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