Anna and Hugo

How We Met

Hugo and I have been working together for about nine or so years now. We have always been very close friends who have enjoyed hiking in the beautiful and always sunny Southern California. About four years ago the two of us started going for hikes and coffee dates about two to three times a week. We would have hours of endless conversations and laughs during our hikes that within that time the two of us became inseparable. From that moment on not a day was spent away from each other. Two years in to spending all that time together we divided to take our relationship to the next level and moved in together. We both knew we wanted to start our own fairy tale story.

how they asked

It all started February 15, 2016, it was our valentines weekend. (The two of us both worked on Valentine’s Day so we decided to celebrate the next day.) Monday morning came around and we headed out to grab some breakfast, he told me we had to be back by noon as he had something palnned for the both of us. We then headed over to Van Nuys only for him to surprise me with the most romantic helicopter tour date ever. As tears filled my eyes he looked at me and said “are you ready to fly.” The two of us flew all over the Malibu coastline into Santa Monica and over all of the city of Los Angeles.

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As the evening drew closer he said he had dinner plans for us and we headed over to Hollywood. Looking over all of Hollywood hills we arrived at Yamashiro restaurant where he had the most romantic dinner planned. Enjoying our evening together I didn’t want our time together today to end. He went above and beyond to have the most amazing day planned. Tuesday morning approached and I woke up to him gone with note that read, “dress in something casual with sandals and let me know when you ready.” As I proceeded to let him know I was ready he sent me a video message that said, “are you ready amor, in five minutes an uber will be at the house to take you to your destination, I’ll see you soon, kisses.” I walked outside hoped in the car and an hour later arrived in Malibu beach. I walked on the beach I saw Hugo standing there with the most beautiful blanket sprinkled with roses and flowers. As I got closer to him I could tell he was a little nervous and definitely not himself. It was at that moment he grabbed my hand and looked at me as tears filled his eyes and said “this is the part where I get on one knee and ask you if you want to be with me for the rest of your life.” Tears immediately came pouring out of my eyes as shook my head yes and told him I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with him

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