Anna and Harrison Sunset Sailing Proposal

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2008, my best friend, Claudia, and I decided to meet in London this year for our annual get together. We stayed with my Mom’s good friend, Mary Beth, who just moved to London for work. She shared with us that her cousin and his friend were backpacking around Europe and were also going to be visiting her. She mentioned we were all the same age, and that her cousin in particular, was a really neat guy who played the violin, rowed crew and from her rocket scientist (but really, that is her actually job!) opinion, a really cute guy! So me and Claudia being the ripe age of 19 years old, are thinking g-r-e-a-t….and if Mary Beth thinks he is cool and good looking…these are going to be the geekiest boys. Meanwhile, Mary Beth also shares with the boys that her girlfriends will be in town at the same time. So now they are thinking, g-r-e-a-t, we are ending our European backpacking trip to hang out with 50 year old ladies.

When we arrived at the airport in London, you could say we were all pleasantly surprised! I saw the most handsome young man, sunkissed and guitar strapped to his back, walking toward me. I said, “Hello, I’m Anna” and he said, “Hey, I’m Harrison”. I immediately had the hugest crush on this boy! We toured London for 1 magical week with our two best friends, Claudia and his best friend, Aaron. At the end of the week, he flew back home to Orange County and I went on to Italy for a week. As soon as I landed in Italy, I just knew I had to see that boy again. So at the end of my vacation, I flew to Orange County for just an 8hr layover to see him. We decided to date long distance while he was going to school at USC, in Los Angeles and I at Saint Mary’s of Notre Dame, in South Bend. And 6 ½ years later, he proposed!

how they asked

It was March 20th, 2015 on Friday evening, and Harrison had suggested we go for a quick cruise in his boat before meeting up with some family for dinner. He attached a go-pro to the boat, suggesting we take some sunset photos together.

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We started to make our way out of the Dana Point Harbor when Harrison stopped the boat and said, “Tonight is actually going to be a really special night”. At which point I’m thinking, “OMG, OMG!” And he continues by saying, “I have loved you for 6 years, and you know what, there are actually a lot of people over there on that yacht that love you too!”

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I then hear a boat start to honk its horn and I look over at this boat, that starts turning and I see a banner displayed across the side saying, “Will you marry me?”

And then Harrison got down on one knee, and I stood, and he said so, “Will you marry me?” And he presented me the most beautiful ring ever imagined. I was so taken back by this most stunning ring!

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I was in a mixed state of shock and pure joy! I said YES, and looked up to see a drone flying over us filming the whole thing!

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And as we got closer to the yacht, I noticed my brother who is a Naval Officer based in Hawaii, then my Dad who lives in Tennessee, and at this moment, I was completely shocked with tears of happiness and excitement! We pulled our small boat up next to the yacht, where my Parents, Grandma, Brother, best friend Claudia (traveled all the way from Italy!), Aunt Doreen and Uncle Andy, Harrison’s Parents, Sister, his best friend, Aaron (flew down from Oregon!) and Mary Beth (the match-maker!) were all waiting for us with champagne and appetizers for a sunset cruise on the harbor! The most beautiful evening, and if that was not enough, Harrison had two more surprises for me.

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After our sunset cruise, he had dinner reservations at a restaurant overlooking the harbor and Pacific Ocean with custom menus made up for our special engagement evening! The next day, his parents threw us a surprise engagement party at their house. It was the most magnificent party with such amazing touches from Ricardo’s Catering, to having DJ Keith Divel, and to top it off, the whole party was stylized by Sundrop Vintage, whom I am an event coordinator for! The most amazing and special weekend of my life!

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