Anna and Garrett

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How We Met

Garrett’s Side:

Anna and I have known each other and were friends during High School. I can still remember the night I really sparked an interest in her: I was at a home football game at our High School with some buddies after I had already graduated and Anna was a Senior. From the stands, I saw her down on the field taking pictures for the yearbook and I pointed out to my friends that I thought she was really pretty. Fast forward a few months when, once again, I’m sitting around with the guys and they convince me to quit talking about her and message her. After some quirky and silly Facebook messages, we had agreed to go on a “date”. I quickly fell for Anna’s sense of humor and energetic attitude (which I’ll add it took her a little longer to fall for me!) Since then, we have continued to grow into best friends and partners in crime. We made it through an incredible obstacle during our college years when we were at school — hours apart — but I think that has made our love stronger in the end. I always ask Anna, “If you could go back to your High School self and say you’re going to end up marrying Garrett Draughn, what do you think you’d say?” She just laughs. Luckily, it doesn’t matter, because through some unexpected fate, I found the woman of my dreams and I can’t wait to see where it continues to take us!

Anna’s Side:

Nine years ago, Garrett and I met in High School through mutual friends. I thought Garrett was so cute, but Garrett, at 16, was pretty uninterested. We spent some time together, went to mutual events, and things never worked out for us. Fast forward to my Senior year, and Garrett and I reconnected (shoutout to you, Facebook). Garrett and his friends were playing cards, when they finally convinced him to connect with me. Thank goodness they did! We spent a lot of time talking, texting, and calling each other. A month or two later, he finally asked me to come “hang out” with some of his friends from college. I was Yearbook Editor at the time, where I had Garrett’s little brother in “class”. I spent many hours after school, and one day Garrett offered to come pick me up for a quick date, little to his knowledge — I can still remember the look on his face!

Garrett and I quickly fell for each other’s wit, our love to laugh, and fun loving spirits. We both pursued College in different cities, five years of long distance, only to end up right where we wanted to be. The rest is history!

how they asked

Garrett and I knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, but were waiting for the right moment to make it official. Weeks prior, Garrett stalked my Pinterest page, consulted with my friends and family, and asked my Dad for permission. We’ve always loved the Mountains, and some of our favorite memories have been on the Parkway in North Carolina. When I told Garrett I had to go to Asheville to take pictures over the weekend, he’d agreed to go with. It was a work trip for me, and we were documenting a thru-hiker (Jennifer Pharr Davis) as she hiked the Mountain to Sea Trail. Little to my knowledge, he had a ring, let alone going to propose! Garrett was calm, cool, and collected throughout the day. I took my photos, we explored Mount Mitchell, ate lunch at a cute little cabin, and headed back towards Asheville. Garrett wanted to pull over at an overlook, so we did. We got out and walked around, and then hopped back in the car. We pulled over at the next overlook, and then another….and another. Finally, I (annoyingly) said, “Soooo…why are we pulling over at every overlook on the Parkway?” The next one, the fog had cleared, we were alone, and he got down on one knee! I said yes and then immediately apologized for asking why we kept pulling over. A few tears and kisses later, we got back in the car, explored Asheville, had coffee, and headed home. It captured Garrett’s spirit and our relationship perfectly.

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