Anna and Eddie

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How We Met

Eddie and I met almost four years ago at our mutual friend’s 4th of July Party. A week after, we went on our first date and became inseparable ever since I’m not sure if I can call it love-at-first-sight, but the connection between us was instant, and I always knew that Eddie would become the one for me. Believe it or not, I had a dream about our wedding after our first date.

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Since then, almost 4 years of love, happiness, and romance went by…without a ring on my finger. We love each other so deeply that I felt that, sooner or later, the proposal would happen. We planned a trip to Europe for this summer, so I thought the earliest he would propose to me would be on our four year anniversary on the 4th of July in Paris. Little did I know! I completely underestimated my baby. After a period of intense ring shopping, Eddie secretly met with my mom to ask for my hand. He spent hours reading online forums, searching for proposal ideas, and went above and beyond in his creativity. To avoid my suspicion, Eddie created a fictitious friend from his college days by the name of Jeff. He would tell me things about Jeff and his fiancé, fake phone conversations with Jeff, etc. One day, he told me he had lunch with Jeff in downtown LA, and came back from that lunch, describing how successful Jeff had become. Eddie was so excited about Jeff that I even said, “invite Jeff to your Bday party, I want to meet him!” A few days later, Eddie said, “I have a surprise for you” and showed me a text conversation between himself and Jeff, in which Jeff said that he arranged a photoshoot for himself and his fiancé for their upcoming wedding, which he couldn’t make because of a spur of the moment trip to London. Jeff offered Eddie to take his place because of a strict cancellation policy by the photographer. The photoshoot was completely paid for, and hair/make up would be provided. I was very busy at work that week, having multiple night shoots in a row, and I had no time for thinking and over-analyzing. I bought into the whole thing hook, line, and sinker.

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how they asked

My baby knows me too well. He knows how much I love taking pictures and that I would never say no to a photoshoot. Eddie managed to pull off the perfect “photo shoot proposal.” While we were in the middle of the photoshoot, he suddenly asked the photographer, “Alan, are you recording?” He then took my hands, looked at me and said, “Baby, do you know my friend Jeff? there is no Jeff…”. At that very moment, I started to realize what was happening. He continued, “I did all this because I love you very much; my life has been amazing ever since I met you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!“ Then, he pulled out a beautiful from his pocket, got on his knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”.

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I was as shocked and happy as I could be! I thought that I was dreaming or even hallucinating. I was thinking to myself, “Anna! You are not in Paris! Wake up!” It was the most surreal emotion I have ever felt! It took a couple of seconds for reality to sink in, and I happily said ” Yes baby! I will marry you! OMG!” And that was it! At that very moment my boyfriend of almost 4 years became my fiancé! I can not wait to spent the rest of my life with my one and only!

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The 29th of April is a day that I will never, ever forget! I’m so thankful to Eddie and to Alan Weissman Photography for creating that beautiful moment and making me beyond happy! It just couldn’t be more perfect! Because of Eddie’s creativity, we have everything captured both on video and pictures, and I got to say “yes” in a beautiful gown with my make up and hair nicely done. I will look backat these photos and cherish them forever

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