Anna and Dennis


Dennis came to The Heart Bandits because he wanted a do-over proposal to Anna.  Anna and Dennis had been married for about 5 years, but like many couples, challenges in there lives caused them to split.  However, they never ever stopped loving each other and neither of them ever took off their wedding rings.  Knowing that they were soul mates, they promised each other when they split that they would we’d remarry in the future. Dennis wanted to blow her away with not just asking her to marry him again—but to have an amazing engagement story to tell.

Coming up with the perfect proposal idea was easy.  As you can imagine, being married for 5 years gave them a rich history with each other to include having two children together.  Dennis shared with us a nifty little detail that Anna was already looking for private gardens in NYC for their potential future wedding, so we decided that a secret garden would be the best proposal location. After looking at some gardens in Central Park, Dennis told her he had one more he wanted to check out.




When she walked in, a guitarist started singing their song.  Along the pathway of the park was “Dennis & Anna’s Memory Lane,”  a row of easels containing photos from their 5 loving years shared together.  She paused to look at photos of her wedding, their sonograms from their pregnancies, and other special memories.




Dennis walked her down the path and together, they reminisced on the things that were important, the things that made their relationship so beautiful.  At the end of the path was a sign that said “Smile” and the photographer captured him getting on one knee, once again, to ask Anna for forever.  She said yes!!


Proposal Planner: The Heart Bandits
Photographer: Petronella Photography