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Engagement Proposal Ideas in 2nd beach, Washington

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The Second beach in Washington has been my favorite place ever since I had visited 4 years ago. This summer I wanted to share that experience with my boyfriend and close friends, so we planned a group camping trip on the beach, and all showed up for the weekend.

Anna's Proposal in 2nd beach, Washington

On the day of the proposal, I had absolutely no idea it was coming. All our friends were in on it, and no one gave a single hint or clue to what was to come! As a group, we had decided to visit the next door beach called Rialto beach on the last full day of camp and then the plan was to come back to camp on the 2nd beach and watch the sunset from there.

My boyfriend wanted to make sure I brought a cute dress to camp for the proposal because otherwise, I would be wearing sweatpants, so he came up with the idea that our whole group of friends would bring a nice classy outfit to take a group photo. I thought it was an odd suggestion because why not take the group picture in normal clothes? But I never thought anything of it.

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So that day, before going to Rialto beach, we all dressed up in our nice photoshoot clothes, while a few friends including my sister sneakily stayed back to set up the proposal. I had wanted to go to Rialto beach in the morning to enjoy it at low tide, but everyone kept trying to push back the time to later in the day. I admit I got a little frustrated because I couldn’t understand why everyone kept pushing back the time. Little did I know, everything was timed out perfectly so that when we got back to the 2nd beach at sunset there would be a proposal.

Me and my boyfriend were the last to head back to camp and to 2nd beach. Everyone was already at camp ahead of us and ready for the proposal, while me and my boyfriend Dennis parked his car at the parking lot and began the .7 mini hike from the lot to the beach. Hiking down I was wearing a sweatshirt on top of my dress and swapped my sandals for more comfy sneakers, and walking down both Dennis and I started reminiscing all our favorite memories together and our cute dates.

As we were going down the trail, and the group of people were heading back up to the parking lot and a little girl of around 8 or 9 said to us, “Hey! Are you guys going to the proposal?” This was where Dennis started blushing and got really awkward and I asked him why he got awkward but he just brushed it off and changed the subject. At this point I still had no clue what was coming, I mean I wondered why he was awkward but never thought because the proposal the little girl was talking about was for me!

As we made it to the bottom, Dennis turned to me and told me to trust him and to take the sweatshirt off and to put on my sandals. That was the moment I knew. I got so nervous and couldn’t believe this was actually happening!!! We climbed over some driftwood and at the end of the beach, I saw a group of people and a cute set-up. Dennis and I walked hand in hand to the spot all the while I was speechless.

He got on his knee, said those 4 magical words, and shakingly I said yes.

In all my daydreams, I could have never imagined such a beautiful proposal. The sunset was one of the best I had ever seen, and the location forever made even more special.

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