Anna and Daniel's Proposal at The Space Needle

How We Met: Dan and I met online over three years ago. We were friends for over a year because he lived in Seattle and I lived in California. When I got closer to graduating college we opened up more about being together and our future. In May 2013 I moved to Seattle just after Dan deployed for the UAE for six months. When he got home we moved in together right away and just 5 months later he proposed. 


how they asked: Dan’s parents were visiting Seattle for a long weekend. We a planned a big day in the city and at the markets on Friday May 2nd. It was meant to be the nicest day of the month, sunny and cloud free (hard to come by in Seattle!). However, last minute I got a job interview that I had been waiting for and we had to push the adventure day back to Saturday the 3rd. While I thought no big deal, turned out Saturday forecast was cloudy and rainy, but of course we went anyway. Spent the whole day at the market until we went up to The Space Needle in the afternoon. While taking pictures on the observation deck in the rain, Dan got down on one knee and simply said “spend the rest of your life with me” and in tears I of course said YES!