Anna and Coy

Anna's Proposal in Breckenridge, Colorado

How We Met

Four years and a treck through the snow in heels, he FINALLY asked!!! I met this man one day in college at the gym, and creepily enough, we began to date THAT DAY! I guess we just knew:)

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How They Asked

Coy told me that we were going to meet our friends at this nice restaurant overlooking Breckenridge. So, naturally I got cute and decided to wear heels. Coy didn’t stop me. Little did I know, the “trail” leading to the “restaurant” was a good half a mile long. So we trekked through the snow. IN HEELS.

FINALLY, we got to this opening where you could see all of Breckenridge. It was so cool because you could see the slopes we skied on earlier that day!! All of a sudden I was so overwhelmed with emotions I began to tear up. I just knew this was the moment I dreamed of for the past four years.

I heard Cw crunching in the snow behind me and softly say “Anna Leigh look at me.” I turned around the see the man I fell in love with down on one knee, both of us already ugly crying before the first word even came out of his mouth. After we both calmed down, he said some of the sweetest words anyone has ever said to me. My God, what a moment.

This was the easiest “yes” I’ve ever said before in my life. I am so excited for all the adventures to come with you, CW! I love you to the moon.

Also, thank you SO MUCH @danicowanphotography for popping out of the trees to capture this moment!✨ you are so talented and I am thankful Coy found you!!😍

Special Thanks

Dani Cowan
 | Photographer