Anna and Colton

how we met

Colton and I meet the summer of 2016 when he volunteered at my church to be a Vacation Bible School counselor. I saw him and thought he was the cutest guy ever! I tried talking to him every day that week, but he kept ignoring me…so I thought. It turned out that he just “never heard me”. Haha! I almost gave up until he started messaging me on Facebook. At that point I knew he liked me too! A few weeks later, we went on our first date to the movies. I started the night off by spilling the whole bag of popcorn on him! Thankfully, he saw through my clumsiness and has kept me close ever since.

how they asked

Colton proposed at the Southernmost point in Key West on May 18, 2019. We were on a vacation with his family, so it was the perfect time and place to propose! He got down on one knee in front of a crowd, and their was clapping and lots of “Awww’s”. It truly was perfect! Before vacation, I thought to myself, “That would be a great time for him to propose.” I pushed that thought out of my mind though because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It definitely came as a surprise though. Colton kept the secret hidden well!

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