Anna and Chris

How We Met: As most people will know, Chris and I are quite opposite in a lot of ways. I like being the center of attention at birthdays, I love being in groups of people who are my friends whereas Chris prefers quiet recognition and one on one situations with friends or family. We both give and take, depending on the situation and we both know these things about each other.

Chris and I have been talking about marriage and our future together for a weeks now. We had tentatively decided on getting married in the fall, but Chris hadn’t proposed yet. We decided not to tell most people our plans until I had a ring on my finger.

We had planned to go run the Spartan Race in Montana for months now. We had some friends who had a lovely house on the lake that they let us stay at during the weekend. We love to do “fun runs” and wanted to do more of a challenge. The Spartan Race was in the mountains and on a huge lake. We were surrounded by amazing scenery the long drive over and all weekend. A few times, I thought to myself “this would be a good place to propose…”

The morning of the race, we were amped up, excited and nervous. We always take pictures together, so this is normal (also our last picture as boyfriend/girlfriend).

Image 1 of Anna and Chris

We had to check our bags with towels, snacks and clean clothes before the race. I thought it kind of odd that he held onto his bag way longer than our friends did. He just kept carrying it around for some reason (turned out, the ring was in his clean shorts pocket and he was so nervous to leave it).

During the race, we climbed, hiked, crawled, carried, jumped, burpeed, dunked and more. It was a good challenge of our physical strength and stamina. I remember at one point, telling him “I thought we were tough…” because this race was kicking our butt! We made it, after 5 miles, nearly 17 obstacles and over 3 hours later, we were done! We were covered in mud, thirsty, tired and hungry. As we crossed the finish line, I saw a podium where I thought it would be a great place to take pictures. Since we were covered in mud, and had our medals around our neck, I thought it the perfect spot. Chris was adamant about changing clothes first, so I conceded.

After peeling off the filthy, muddy and wet clothes, I met up with Chris and our friends outside the changing tent. We went over to the podium to take some pictures. There was a few group photos first. Samantha took our photos, and she just found out 5 minutes before that he was going to ask me!

Image 2 of Anna and Chris

Then time for a picture of Chris and me. Since he was on the top, I tried to get up on the top step with him. He told me no. Again, I thought it odd, but whatever. This picture is a super awkward pose. If you look closely, you can see him reaching into his pocket to get the ring….

Image 3 of Anna and Chris

After this picture was taken, I was ready to get off the podium. He had to tell me to wait. As soon as I looked over at him, he was on one knee and there was a super shiny ring in his hand!!

Image 4 of Anna and Chris

I am so genuinely surprised here. This man, who hates attention, got down on one knee in front of hundreds of people to ask me to marry him. He said some amazing things, I cried, and I said yes. This proposal is so sweet because Chris just let his guard down to cater to my heart and personality. I love this man. I am so genuinely happy to marry him!

Image 5 of Anna and Chris