Anna and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and I met at Subway, our first job. He had been working there for 6 months before I was hired. I will never forget the first time I saw him; he had the kindest face and the most beautiful big brown eyes. When I looked at him that day, I felt like I’d known him from a lifetime ago. We instantly became best friends. We were close friends for 9 years and during those 9 years, I graduated high school, lost very close friends, made new friends, started college, found the career I’m in now and then graduated college. Through all those 9 years, he stood by my side. Once our lives settled down and we both became financially stable, we started dating. Our family and friends could only say “FINALLY.”

How They Asked

I walked into my first job to see a young guy with the biggest brown eyes I’d ever seen. I was 16 and he was 21. We became best friends and wanted to date. Due to our age difference and my young age, my parents said no. It was tough but we stayed friends and grew very close over the years. Fast forward 9 years. I had just graduated college and he began working in a career that he loves. We began to date (with my parents approval) and fell in love. Charlie has grown up going to Disney most summers with his family but I’ve never been. DisneyWorld is very special to him because that’s where some of his best memories come from with his father. He lost his father to cancer when he started middle school. After months of planning, we finally got the chance to go to Disneyworld! At this point, we had been dating for 18 months. On our second night in Disneyworld, Charlie tells me we have a dinner reservation at 9:45 in Cinderella’s castle. Although I was tired from the day’s activities, I agreed to go. We both dressed nicely and headed out. Walking down Main St. in Magic Kingdom, we had to elbow our way through the crowd to get to the castle. Unfortunately, we only made it halfway before we got caught in a bad thunderstorm. Because of the nightly fireworks show, we were not allowed to enter the castle and had to wait outside. We stood in the midst of downpours and lightning for 45 minutes. Finally, we are allowed into the castle. We’re now completely soaked! My favorite black flats now made a squawking noise with every step and Charlie was busy wringing out water from his dress shirt. Our dinner was delicious and we had so much fun meeting all the princesses- especially Cinderella who is my favorite. At this point, it was about 11:45 pm. Charlie nervously got up and stood by the window. Seeing that I did not follow him, he came back to the table and slid down on one knee with a little box and said, “We’ve met a lot of princesses tonight, but will you be my princess forever?” I said yes! We left the castle that night newly engaged and had the now closed park to ourselves. The storm had passed as we walked down Main St- just before the stroke of midnight.