Anna and Carter

how they asked

Carter and Anna were spending the weekend at the brand new AC Hotel in Spartanburg to celebrate Anna’s 30th birthday. Turns out that besides celebrating birthdays, the AC Hotel is also great for proposals.

The couple was sitting at a high-top table outside on the 10th-floor bar of the hotel. Anna, holding Carter’s hand, told him how happy she was to be turning 30 with Carter and Sydney (her dog) in her life. Carter got teary-eyed and walked around the table to give Anna a hug. “You make me so happy too,” he said. “I hope you’ll make me the happiest man in the world.”

“Pshh,” Anna snapped back, playfully hitting Carter’s arm. “That’s what people say when they’re getting engaged.” Turning to sit back in her chair, she added, “You scared me. For a second I thought you were proposing!” By the time she finished that sentence, Carter was already down on his knee. He pulled the ring from his pocket. “Anna will you marry me?”

Still not convinced this was actually happening, Anna clarified, “Is this for real?” Carter assured her it was. Overcome by shock, happiness, and love, Anna started crying. Poor Carter, still on his knee, patiently waited for the customary “Yes.” Hugs, tears, champaign, laughter, and a few Tums followed.

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AC Hotel
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