Anna and Buckley

Where to Propose in Joshua Tree

How We Met

Buckley and I met at Coachella two years ago when we were dancing like mad to LCD Soundsystem!! He had bumped into me and said sorry and I said it’s fine! We were having such a good time dancing we decided to hang out the entire weekend. At the end we exchanged Instagram handles and kept it going from there :)

how they asked

Buckley knows how much I love Joshua Tree, so it was no surprise when he asked if I wanted to go for a picnic. He laid out (what I later found out!) was his great-great grandmother’s quilt and opened the picnic basket, laying out a gorgeous spread of Drunken Goat (my fav cheese!), fresh organic green grapes, 3 kinds of crackers (!) and a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon

The sun was *just* about to go down when I noticed Buckley’s hands shaking a bit! Some sand was getting in his beard from the wind and it was sticking to his beard oil when I was trying to get it out and then he got on one knee!! I could NOT believe. I started bawling of course. And he said: “Anna, I know you don’t believe in soul mates. I know you’re an independent woman and a keeper of your own heart. But still, I’m asking, would you do me the honor of marrying me and making me your equal part and husband?”

I squealed: “OF COURSE! Of course I will marry you, my honeybee.”

And that was that :))))