Anna and Brandon

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How We Met

Anna’s Perspective: I had wanted to apply to be a resident advisor at Biola University since I was a freshman. Once I was a sophomore I had taken the initiative to apply to be an RA. During my first round of interviews, I had met a very very cute and buff guy with glasses. I thought this guy was extremely attractive, but being so nervous about the interview I wasn’t too focused on getting to know him. However, in the following weeks, I would see him around campus eagerly wanting to talk to him. Not thinking that the relationship would go past a “hi how’s it going” conversation around campus I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up in the same Mock Rock group as Brandon. Disclaimer: Mock Rock is a lip-syncing and dancing competition that is put on by Biola students. It is a very big deal. Once we discovered we were in the same group this provided us for the perfect opportunity to flirt with each other every day. We even got the opportunity to be dance partners in one of the scenes. From then on I was so smitten with Brandon Porter. After two months of flirtatious conversations, Brandon decided to surprise me after a late night at work with my favorite dessert, a BJ’s Pizookie, outside our dorm. Brandon took this opportunity to ask me out saying “would you want to go get an actual dinner and pizookie with me this weekend”. Very smooth Brandon. We later became boyfriend and girlfriend after a day of rock-climbing and pancake making. That was the best decision I have ever made. On December 17th, 2017 Brandon decided to re-do our first date to ask me to be his wife on the Huntington Beach Pier. I have never been so excited in my entire life! I am so thankful God prompted me to apply to be an RA, join a mock rock group, and say yes to go on a date with the most wonderful man I have ever met. I am such a blessed woman and am so thankful that God put Brandon Porter directly in my path! I love you, Brandon!

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Brandon’s Perspective There was once this thing at Biola University called an RA interview process, in which I decided to participate. In my group interview, I came across a striking young blonde who, unbeknownst to me at the time, would change my life. I noticed her again on her daily runs by our dorm and began to keep an eye out for the cute runner girl seeking to become an RA. She got put on the same Mock Rock team as me, and the rest is history. I asked her out by bringing her favorite dessert to her, a BJ’s pizookie. We then went to BJ’s Huntington beach for our first date and took our first picture together on the pier during the sunset. I told Anna that night that I’m looking for a wife, and that if I ever felt like she wasn’t the one, we would have to end things. Through divine patience, and more growth than I could imagine during the past 2 1/2 years, we have become best friends, and a constant support pillar for each other, seeking to glorify God in the process. From first kisses, the first time saying I love you, to finally deciding to propose, it has all been a precious gift from God that I will treasure forever. I love you Anna, and I am so excited to commit and spend the rest of my earthly life with you.

how they asked

I knew he was going to ask I just didn’t know when. We had gone in to find my ring size and had talked in detail about the dream wedding we had both desired. Brandon is an elaborate thinker. He knows how to surprise me and how to throw me off. He had fed me a story about how he was going to plan an elaborate date once or twice a week so that I would have no idea when he was proposing. One Sunday afternoon, after attending church, I got a phone call that I did not have to come into work that day. So excited that I got to spend the day with Brandon, I came up with the idea for us to go on one of the dates he supposedly planned. He thought about it for a moment and decided that “today would actually be a good day for a date”. He told me to go home get dressed up because he wanted to take me to a nice dinner. Without a thought, I rushed home did my hair and makeup waiting eagerly to go out to dinner with my loving boyfriend. Once he arrived there was no time to waste, we were off. Through talking, laughing, and guessing what we were doing I came to the conclusion that we were going on our “first date first”. In my mind, he was kicking off a series of elaborate dates through redoing our first date. Of course, it was going through my mind maybe he is going to propose?

But I would quickly assure myself that he wouldn’t do that, he still has other things planned. Our first date took place in Huntington Beach, California. We went to BJ’s restaurant on the Huntington Beach Pier followed by a romantic view of the sun setting on the pier in April 2015. Seeing as though the sun was setting rather quickly in December we had no time to waste. We had to get to the pier in time to retake the first picture/selfie we ever took together with the sunset in the background. Once we made it to Huntington Beach we raced to a similar spot on the pier to enjoy the sunset and retake that historic picture. As he begins to take the picture, I start to hear his heart race next to me and his breathing get heavy. At this point, I knew something was about to happen. To my surprise in the corner of the camera, I see him holding a ring box. I turn around to face him as he leans down to get on one knee.

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I wish I could tell you I remember every moment that came next but it all happened so fast! He said very nice and loving things that I wish I could remember ha! What was going through my head was “is this really happening, oh my gosh, I love him so much, I have waited for this my whole life, is he actually proposing?!” Next thing I know he is asking me if I will marry him and I am saying yes. People were cheering around us, and I have never kissed someone with so much emotion and passion in my whole life. I then see a friend, and roommate of Brandon’s, come out of the crowd with a camera having just captured the whole thing. I later find out that Brandon contacted my work to call me off and that was the plan the whole time. He knew I would be the one to suggest a date! We later go to a family members house with all our friends and family there to celebrate the most amazing day of our lives. I cannot wait to marry this man and to have the wedding of a lifetime.

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