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How We Met

Beau and I were actually set up in college for an event for my sorority. About a week before the event, I still didn’t have a date so our mutual friend suggested I ask him. I vaguely knew who he was and he seemed nice so I asked and he said yes! Honestly, I didn’t think about him much after that and we didn’t communicate much leading up to the event other than logistical details. However, I was still pretty nervous about hanging out with a stranger all night. If you ask Beau, he’ll say that I barely talked to him for the first half of the night. He became determined then and there to make sure I had the best night ever and we barely left the dance floor. Add in a crawfish boil, country music, and a few beers and it is still one of my favorite memories from college.

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The event ended relatively early and we spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends before breaking off on our own and talking. He didn’t end up bringing me home until around 3 am! While I was thankful for a great date, I didn’t expect much to come from it. But Beau texted the next day and we ended up hanging out a couple times the following few weeks before school let out for the summer. While Beau had plans to move to Atlanta for the summer and I was staying in Baton Rouge, I still didn’t think much of the distance. We weren’t officially dating and the summer would only be a couple months. We talked every day and night during those months and I realized how much I cared for him and how much I missed him. Fortunately, he was able to fly down for a weekend in the middle of the summer which is when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend on July 1 and we’ve been dating ever since!

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how they asked

Side story: the proposal was actually supposed to happen a month earlier but the ring broke in casting so Beau had to wait for it to come in. We are currently doing the whole long distance thing again while he finishes grad school in Louisiana and I am working in Dallas. Originally, he was supposed to surprise me in Dallas during my family visiting and pop the question. Obviously, that did not happen.

What actually happened: I had plans to fly home at the beginning of March just because I was very homesick. Beau kept saying he wanted me to drive the extra hour from my parents’ house to Baton Rouge so that we could spend a day there. My parents said they would even drive with us and get lunch and then let us do our own thing for the rest of the weekend. That all seemed pretty normal. On the morning of the proposal, I started asking Beau what we would be doing in Baton Rouge. He kept saying that we would meet up with some of his friends and hang out. Needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled to spend my one weekend at home with a bunch of Beau’s guy friends and I consistently complained about it.

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So we drive into Baton Rouge to “meet my aunt and uncle for lunch” downtown with my parents. Still, this was not an unusual situation so I thought nothing of it. Beau and I arrived downtown earlier than everyone else and he suggested we walk/sit on the levee and look at the Mississippi River. We sat and talked a bit but nothing serious until Beau looks at me and says, “what if I ask you to marry me right now?” He proceeded to get on one knee and attempt to pop the question in between tears. Right after, my sister and cousin popped out from behind a bush where they were hiding and taking pictures! Next, both my parents and Beau’s parents show up. We stayed to take numerous pictures and then all ate lunch as one big family. It honestly is still a blur because I was so overwhelmed with emotions at the time.

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After that, we all went to Beau’s apartment to hang out before Beau and I had dinner plans at a rooftop restaurant. The funny part of this is that Beau was persistent that we go to dinner at 5. Thinking this was way too early, I kept asking that we push it back but he would not budge. So a 5 o’clock dinner it was. We made our way back to Beau’s apartment after and, much to my surprise, all of my friends (including some that flew in!) and his were waiting with a huge party and lots of champagne. We spent the rest of the night partying with our friends and going to our favorite college bar to celebrate.

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Everything about this day was absolutely perfect and magical in a way that I cannot even explain. I was completely surprised, humbled, and honored at the work Beau did to make it so special and the love I felt from my family and friends was indescribable. And while this night was absolutely fantastic, it does not even pale in comparison to how I feel knowing that I get to marry Beau and spend the rest of my life with him as my partner in crime.

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