Anna and Alex

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How We Met

Years ago, at my first job when I was 17, my coworkers were insisting that I would love the new hire. He had worked there before and had gone off to college but was coming back for the summer. We immediately got along and had a great connection and started hanging out almost everyday. Summer was almost over and he was leaving for school once again and we realized we didn’t want to end things with each other. I started visiting as much as I could and we fell in love quickly.

how they asked

Every summer, I like to go back to my hometown to visit all my family and old friends. We planned this trip (third year in a row) like any other we’ve planned before. Little did I know that he had been holding onto the ring since December and was flying all my immediate family and his out from georgia to Boston. The day after we got there, he took me out to my favorite spot (scituate lighthouse) and walked out to the end of the jetty and climbed a tall scaffolding to overview the ocean, lighthouse and harbor town. He told me to put my camera down and told me he loved me more than anything and hugged me.

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As I picked my camera back up, he said, “put it back down, I have a gift for you.” He got on one knee and proposed to me (after all his Walmart diamond and “five years” jokes) I was absolutely shocked, ecstatic and in happy tears.

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