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How We Met

We are two small town Iowa-born artists who met in Minneapolis, MN while working in our first jobs after college graduation at a wedding and events planning company out of Eden Prairie, Event Lab. He’ll say that I caught his eye immediately, but I was most most certainly oblivious. He would continue to invite me to join in after work happy hours, BBQd with friends, and we even wound up at the same music festival together one summer. On our first “official date” we joked that we knew where this was going (marriage) but neither of us wanted to admit it out loud. ‘First date is too soon to know, right?’, I kept repeating in my head. Little did I know, he was too. After only several months of dating, he asked me to move in with him – and I did so to “help save up money” (c’mon, saving money was not the real reason.) Next thing I know, he buys ‘us’ (he, my dog, and I) a swanky warehouse-district condo in the Northloop neighborhood to call our own.

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This is when the event-planners in us not only started dreaming of what our wedding would look and feel like, but we partnered up and started a new small business of our own, A&A Artistry LLC – creating and building artwork and home furnishings. Outside of building our business together (and both working “real” full-time jobs), we spent our time off attending sports games and concerts, drooling over local food, and traveling all over the nation. We supported each other through family struggles and job promotions! He became not only my guy, but my absolute best friend.

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how they asked

(Continuing on from our story above) Although the city was a place we thought we’d never leave, we began to go back to our roots – desiring a spacious lush yard in a quiet neighborhood. We sold the condo and began the hunt for what will now be our official starter home. On the morning of closing, he had been planning a “surprise breakfast” for me, which he had plugged into my phone calendar (that’s all we live off of anymore!). He mentioned it was a fancier restaurant and that I would want to dress up a little. If I’m being completely honest here, I complained a little. ‘Dress up? On moving day?’, I thought.

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He drove around the city in a loop and parked in an area that clearly was no where near any nearby restaurants. He walked me along the side walks, ‘It’s just up here!’ We approached a bridge encompassed with a chain-link fence (like any city bridge) and I see these little white Styrofoam cups. Again, if I’m being honest – I didn’t think anything of it at first, as you see that sort of thing all the time. It wasn’t until I approached the double-L of “W-I-L-L” that my heart began to race: “ANNA, WILL YOU MARRY ME? -ALEX”, grammatically correct and everything!

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He dropped to one knee, and said the magic words (among many others that I truly cannot remember as I was so in shock!). Not being able to speak from the blubbering mess that I was, I violently shook my head ‘yes’ and embraced him.

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People had stepped out from their office buildings across the street and began cheering and applauding. City buses drove by honking and cars stopped to take photos. He whispers in my ear, ‘We’ve got a photographer hiding nearby whose been taking photos of us this entire time’, (genius!).

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The tears double-up and now every single bone in my entire body is shaking with excitement. All of this, just before we close on our first home as an (now) engaged couple! Needless to say, he actually did take me out to breakfast – which was paid for in full by the owner in celebration of the big event (my eyes were swollen from so much crying, and I couldn’t stop staring at my fingers – she knew something was up)! WHAT A DAY!

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Special Thanks

Sara Barrick - sister of groom
 | Photographer