Anna and Alex

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How We Met

We’ve known each other through mutual friends all throughout college and I always thought he was cute but he seemed way out of my league. We finally got together after we graduated and it’s been a blast ever since. I worked at a camp in which we couldn’t use our phones throughout the week, but he wrote me letters all summer instead. I went to New York City for my master’s program while he was 10 hours away in North Carolina. Our entire relationship was long-distance until the pandemic. We survived long-distance and a pandemic and I only love him more.

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How They Asked

We went up to our college town for Halloween weekend to visit some friends. We had talked about marriage a couple of times before but we both said we needed to wait because of money (we’re teachers) and other decisions. On Halloween day, we hung out with friends in the morning and then went on a walk around our town. We climbed to the top of the old courthouse (now a library) and we all took pictures with one of our friend’s cameras.

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We went and took our picture and then he said “wait I have one more pose” and I looked and he was on one knee! I was crying and shaking just looking at him and the ring I forgot how to even speak! I said yes after I finally got my breath back. It was such a magical moment I’ll remember forever.

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