Anna and Akshay

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How We Met

Akshay and I met at work in the emergency department in fall 2017. At the time he was an emergency medicine intern and I was in my first year as an ER nurse. It took a few months to get us talking because we were both shy around each other. Funnily enough, we actually started talking because we matched on a dating app! We are each other’s first and only date from a dating app!

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Because of our wild medical field schedules, we went on our first date in May 2018 a whole month after we first “matched.” We were out on our first date for seven hours and the rest is history! Three months into dating we went on an international trip to London and Iceland and spent a full week and a half together. It went perfectly and we had an absolutely amazing time. We both love to travel.

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Little did we know just under two years later the COVID-19 pandemic would hit. Akshay and I both got pulled into the ICU to help out and he has been my biggest support. He originally was planning to propose on a trip we intended to take in April 2020, but of course, due to COVID, this didn’t happen. He adapted as we all did and popped the question in Martha’s Vineyard on July 15th, 2020. We had a wonderful socially-distanced mini vacation. He is truly so amazing and I can’t wait to marry him.

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How They Asked

Akshay first intended to pop the question at Goðafoss waterfall in Iceland in April 2020. This would have been his third time to Iceland and my second, we both are in love with the place! However, COVID-19 happened instead. However, Akshay did an absolutely amazing job and proposed in Martha’s Vineyard at the Edgartown Lighthouse on July 15th, 2020. We had planned a short vacation and Akshay proposed on our second night there.

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The day before he told me he wanted to meet a friend of his from college for a drink before dinner that happened to be there as well. On the proposal day he told me he wanted to meet his friend before dinner and that he asked him to take some pictures of us on the beach (this made me suspicious, however, it allowed me to make sure my makeup was done!) As we walked down to the beach and approached the lighthouse, Akshay pulled me into a little pathway surrounded by dune grass and asked me to marry him!

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Turns out the “friend” was actually the photographer he hired to capture the moment. We even had a little engagement photo shoot afterward! When we got back to our room after dinner Akshay had arranged for flowers and a bottle of champagne as well. I am so lucky to get to marry him! He designed the ring himself with a friend of his family who is a jeweler. He did SUCH an incredible job! (Thank you to the Harbor View Hotel and Joe Mikos Photographers for helping Akshay with this wonderful evening!)

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Special Thanks

Joe Mikos
 | Photographer
Harbor View Hotel
 | Planning