Ann Marie and Sam

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How We Met

HER STORY: Our story goes… a little over 2 years ago, a mutual friend of ours thought it would be a great idea to introduce us. After a few failed dates here and there, I was reluctant.

I had been training for the 2016 LAM & just ran 14 miles the morning of the day we were supposed to meet. The thought of going out with friends that night, to meet Sam, was the last thing on my mind. I had even called one of my GF’s to be my backup phone call/reason to leave early (he knows about that, btw).

Needless to say, I never made that call. We talked about travel, road trips, & camping over a cold beer and danced to 90s R&B… and from that night on, we’ve turned our conversations of adventures into realities and still get down to SWV, Blackstreet, & Aaliyah, like no one’s watching.

I thank my lucky stars that we both took a chance on meeting each other that night. Every day is Iike meeting him for the first time, all over again… butterflies and 90s R&B.

HIS STORY: Ann and I met through a mutual friend. I, too, was hesitant to talk to her because she looked like she was going to rip my face off… but after a little liquid courage (x4), I went for the kill. I couldn’t remember the last time I had that much fun – we danced until the lights came on. I wanted to know more about her, so I asked for her number that night. From then on, I knew I had it in the bag. Lol.

I remember on our first date, we couldn’t stop talking about all the adventures we’ve taken before we met and things we would love to pursue. We talked for hours about the most random subjects and how she knew my cousin since high school, but weirdly enough, we never once crossed paths. I didn’t want our first date to end, so we took a long drive down PCH to listen to the sounds of the ocean. It felt like something from one of those cheesey romance flicks. We stood underneath the moon-lit sky and I asked her for a kiss (and, of course, how could she say “no” to sambothecambo?)

There’s not a day where I don’t think about her and how she makes me feel. I found the one that truly makes me happy inside and out.

how they asked

Sam and I always talked about having a future together and marriage was definitely something we wanted in our future.

About 6-7 months after living together, the subject of marriage came up more and more in our conversations of where we wanted our relationship to go. Then, one random day, he asked me what kind of ring I wanted – there, began my numerous Instagram and Pinterest ring-spiration, and almost daily texts of all different rings I had hoped to one day be proposed to with. Sam & I even went as far as set dates to window shop for rings ring get me sized.

I knew the big day was eventually going to happen… little did I know it would happen sooner than later.

I was honestly convinced that Sam was going to propose on the 2 year anniversary and at the same place we had our first date; dinner followed by a drive along the beach. We had always reminisced on how special that night was for both of us and how we always wanted to re-do that night all over again. So… in my mind, what better place and time to propose, right?!

Well, in November of 2017, my family and I had our yearly family Thanksgiving trip to the Philippines. Since Sam and I have been together, he has also been part of our yearly tradition. Little did I know that he had been planning on proposing, for months, while on vacation. Sam had my entire family in on one of the most amazing days of my life! The ring he originally planned on proposing with was still being made… so, Sam had my mom have one of her friends in the Philippines, who happens to own a jewelry store, make another ring for me, for him to use there!

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I remember that day so clearly… as clear as the blue waters he proposed in. Yes! Sam proposed in the middle of the ocean, with my parents, my brother, and my Godparents surrounding us.

It was right after we finished the most delicious meal prepared for us by our tour boat’s Captain. Sam asked me to go for a swim with him and just soak in our beautiful surrounding. He asked me to “teach him how to float on his back” which I thought was strange because he’s an excellent swimmer. I showed him anyways and he pretended to “drown,” taking me underwater with him. As I was trying to get myself back up and the hair off my face, I turned to see Sam with the cheesiest smile on his face and a ring in both hands. There wasn’t a big speech or a lot of words, for that matter… just his smile and the words, “will you marry me?”

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It was the perfect proposal – surrounded by my parents and brother who mean the world to me, outdoors and on an adventure, the way he and I have been since day 1, and in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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I guess you can say I still got the beach proposal!

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