Ann-Marie and Ricky

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How We Met

Me and Ann-Marie met about 14 years ago at a friends party. We hit it off straight away. We was together for 3 years but split up after I had to move away and couldn’t really get time to see each other so we agreed to end it on good terms. 10 years later a friend messaged me asking me if I remember a girl called Ann-Marie. I said of course I do, my first love. So we met up after 10 years apart and it was like we never split. 4 years later I’ve took on two beautiful children and we now have a 5 month old baby. Baby ezmai. Couldn’t be any happier.

how they asked

I posted my link to the video. Me and my partner took a trip to London for a 4 day brake away from everything. I wanted to propose to Ann-Marie for a wile but couldn’t find the rite time to do it. On our last day, we was waking threw London Town centre and was listening to a busker, singing Elton johns how wonderful life is now your in the world.

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I told her I was going to the toilet but really I was looking for some one to hold my phone and video it for me. She had no idea what was going on at first. Loved every second of it.

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Our Video

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