Ann and Zack

how we met

Zack and I first met in 2013. We both grew up racing motocross and a mutual friend introduced us at a local race in Jordan, Minnesota! We both put God as the center of our relationship and what is truly special about ours is that we are both so focused on being the absolute best version of ourselves with each other and for each other. I love to follow his professional racing career and just be his number one fan. We are also super obsessed with our golden retriever Shoei and she is also our number one priority!

how they asked

So he made it seem like I planned this proposal. Back story to that, our photographer Becca had reached out to do a shoot with Zack and his dirt bike but the timing just never really worked out and then she moved to Aspen. But then Zack got a Snowbike deal and there just happened to be a X games qualifier in Snowmass CO, which is the town 15 min from Aspen. As soon as I told him that Becca lives out there he told me to reach out to her and see if we can make up our shoot while we were out there. Little did I know he was already in contact with her and had everything planned out but made it seem like I planned it. They both played it off very well. We met Becca at the bottom of Aspen mountain and rode the gondola all the way to the top and hiked a little bit up a snowmobile trail through these really pretty snow covered trees and started taking pictures! One of the first photos she had me turn around and close my eyes and told me that for one of the fun shots Zack was going to come up from behind me and throw me into the snow but then she said never mind just turn around and there he was down on one knee! It was definitely a surprise and was so beyond what I could have ever imagined! Nothing like

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