Ann and Marvin

How We Met

Marvin and I met in the 7th grade (year 1999). We had the same homeroom and he sat all the way in front of the room. He’s the quiet type but a good listener when it comes to venting and all Lol. During one of our classes..I was dating someone at that time and i would vent my endless dramas with my life and yet he’s been there since day one but years after high school. We rarely kept in touch and the whole time I thought he moved to another states and after i broke up with my relationship with someone. One of my good friend brought me to 24hr fitness and there i saw him but not til later when we’re already leaving the gym. I went on Facebook on found him there and then on we reconnected. We went out to movies, then a month later asked me to be his girl?! I said yes with a big smile! :) 4 years later we gave birth to a baby boy who just recently turned one named Maeson anthony.

So, before we had our little boy we’ve been wanting to go disneyland and Marvin decided to book our flight to Disneyland, California. He knows I’m such a disney fan!!!!!! Haha.. Long story, short…


how they asked

On November 6,2015 at 1030pm. The castle was close for the fireworks show but it ended up being cancelled! And this is right after the fantasmic show. So we walked back to the castle and seen this sparkly lights and it was just so beautiful that we ended up standing in line for the photo pass and while I was holding maeson I seen Marv talking to the photographers and I thought he was just asking them when will the castle open up again? Etc..Little did I know I heard the photographer saying okay (turned on their camera light) and Marvin saying my full name and blanked out on the part he said “will you marry me?!”… (While the crowd was cheering) Bwahaha of course I teared and shocked at the same time. Of course I said “hells yeah” perfect moment!!

Image 1 of Ann and Marvin