Ankur and Bhuja's Portland, Maine Proposal

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how they asked: It was our one year anniversary and her gift was a surprise road trip. The questions from her were endless as one would expect but most importantly she agreed. This would be the week I would ask her to marry me but she of course did not know. I have always been a big fan of nature and adventure so putting these two components together I decided that I would pop the question on a hot air balloon in Portland, Maine. Everything was set for this big day minus the weather! Knowing that a backup plan had to be in place, I was ready. Thankfully I had an iconic scenic lighthouse in the area and two lovely photographers, Bethany & Dan, who were willing to shoot my momentous moment.

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I was excited and needless to say nervous. The morning of the proposal, I snuck out of our hotel in South Portland and took an early morning commute to my scope out my spot. After walking around the area and checking out the various vantage points, I found my perfect spot! The only catch was getting there which included a sloping downward hill, numerous pebbles and a slippery cliff!

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After reaching back to the hotel, she was still half asleep and luckily was not suspicious of my whereabouts. I had the day planned out including a ferry ride to a Peaks Island. After returning to our hotel from our excursion, I told her the evening plans included a fancy dinner and the rest would remain a surprise. She obliged by dressing up and we were soon on our way. On arriving to the lighthouse, I took her on a leisurely walk around the lighthouse, all the while informing my photographers of our arrival, keeping the ring safeguarded and playing the romantic boyfriend soon to be fiancee! We then walked to my designated proposal spot and on reaching the hill, I was met with resistance by her as she thought it was unsafe. I convinced her and other than the tortuous path, the landscape offered a perfect stage with nobody in sight within a stone’s throw, beautiful cool weather and my beautiful date.

On arriving to the mini cliff, it was time to unload my items, the first of which was a poem I had written and had transcribed on a scroll. The poem included our journey in the last year from meeting on and travelling to Cancun to our mutual love for cooking and sweets. After reading it to her, I deliberately threw this scroll in to the air signifying the end of our dating status and our new found engaged status and proceeded to get on one knee and ask the biggest question of my life!

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SHE SAID YES! I liked it and put a ring on it! We were congratulated by a few bystanders, including our very lovely photographers. I introduced them to my new fiancee and we then had a fun-filled, entertaining engagement photo shoot around the picturesque lighthouse with the surrounding fall foliage. Our shoot included dancing to the song “Happy”! It was truly one happy, joyous memorable day.

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Photography by Bethany & Dan Photography