Anjie and Amit

How We Met

Our story is more than just one day. It is everything that led up to Amit’s proposal – which was years in the making, 5 to be exact.

When we met we were young twenty-something-year-old students with mutual friends. Over the next few years, much would change within our families, career, and distance. However, we continued to share much of our lives with one another. It was not long before we knew we didn’t want to do life with anyone else.

Anjie's Proposal in Langdon Hall

How They Asked

Contrary to most couples I begged Amit not to propose – hell we already had a wedding date! Reason being Amit and I had a traditional Indian engagement with what is known as a “Roka” ceremony. Following the blessing of our parents, we proceeded with planning our dream wedding.

Despite my pleading, Amit went ahead with a proposal and boy am I glad he did! It will always be one of the most memorable days for us both.

The proposal took place at the beautiful Langdon Hall. What touched me most was the details and consideration he put into the proposal. What you don’t see in the picture, is our special song “In Case You Didn’t Know” playing in the background, the card he wrote in case he forgot all the things he wanted to say, or the tears in my eyes.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Langdon Hall

Amit thank you for appreciating what I could not see in planning a proposal – I could not ask for more.

Special Thanks

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