Anjelica and Ross

How We Met

Ross and I have known each other since we were in high school. We were raised in the same desert town and have all the same friends! Although we drifted apart after he moved to San Diego for nursing school and I moved away to Ventura for college, we still managed to keep in contact. We eventually started dating and we continued a long distance relationship until he was in his last year of nursing school. I then actually left to study abroad for a year but when I returned from Sweden, we realized we didn’t want to be apart from one another ever again. I finished school and moved down to San Diego to be with him. The rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Guadalupe Valley

how they asked

Living in San Diego, we are so close to the Mexico border and we go down there often. So when Ross and a few of our friends mentioned a wine tasting trip for the weekend, I didn’t think much of it. Ross pulled out all the stops to make this go off without a hitch (including a fib to get me out of work early). I rushed home, the bags were packed, and we were off. When we pulled up the resort, we were greeted with 5-star service and sangria!!

Ross has never drunk sangria faster in his life. It was then that I realized our friends were never coming and it was just going to be us at this gorgeous hillside resort. I was so exhausted from the drive, and the stress of calling out of work, I almost took a nap. Not allowing that to happen, he mentioned that we check out the pool for dinner.

When we arrived, there was rose petals, candles, champagne, and a gorgeous sunset. The man I have known since high school asked me then and there, in the wineries of Mexico, to marry him! we spent the next few days with wine tasting, massages, and lots of smiles!

Fun fact: We are having our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!! Lots of Sangria will be available :)