Anjanae and Bryant's Valentine's Day Proposal

How We Met

It was September 12th, 2014, one of the hottest days of the fall. I was on my way to an art show to perform my spoken word poetry. Little did I know, so was my future husband. He had his paintings on display at the art show and I admired then without knowing he was the painter, or that he even existed. However, after performing my poems, he made his first appearance in my life. I was sitting on the ground enjoying the live music alone. He turned around and jokingly asked me if he looked like a rapper. I replied, “No, maybe an R&B singer,” and now it’s ironic that his voice is the soundtrack of my life, my favorite sound. We exchanged numbers and moved in together 7 months later. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

He took me to City Park to have a picnic for Valentines Day. After we ate and relaxed for a while, he suggested that we go take a walk through the Sculpture Garden, the place we had our first date. Once we got in, he asked me how much I love him. I said “it’s unmeasurable.” He replied, “Good, because I took you here to ask you something.” Then he dropped to his knee and pulled out a small wooden box. The tears almost instantly poured down my face. We had been talking about marriage but nothing prepares you for that moment. I am so elated and can not wait to marry him!



Special Thanks

Blaze Edwards