Anjalin and Rohit

How We Met

Friends and Family.

How They Asked

On the 19th June 2018, I officially said yes to marrying the man of my dreams. As soon as I met him, my heart, mind, and soul told me he is going to be my partner forever.

In Winter 2017, my now, Fiancè started explaining to me the importance of him traveling to Athens, Greece for a minimum of 2 weeks in the upcoming year as it would be great for his career. Although the scenario he was describing didn’t seem odd to me as he travels with his work, I thought to myself the location was strange. I mean, why Athens? But anyway Rohit gave a good explanation about how the company he works for is starting up a new project there and it would be good to be involved.

A few months later, he mentioned travelling to Athens again. This time he told me the dates; 11th June – 23rd June 2018. His last week in Athens landed on my week off from work which meant we wouldn’t be able to spend some quality time together.

A few weeks later Rohit invited me to join him in his last week in Athens as I had annual leave. However, I couldn’t make up my mind. Did I really want to go to Athens whilst Rohit is working? What would I do by myself? However, quality time is quality time and we would have evenings together whilst I explored during the day. So I agreed. Flights booked and off we went.

On the 18th June 2018 we arrive at London Gatwick. Rohit had flown back home for the weekend so it meant we could fly out together. Me, expecting to catch a flight to Athens. I was searching on the board to see when our gates would open. To my surprise, Rohit pointed out there isn’t any and we are actually going to Santorini, Greece?. One of our DREAM destinations. I could NOT believe it, I had a billion questions. Rohit kept the answers simple- “I managed to get a few days off”, “we deserve a good break”. I was told in a few days I will travel back to London and he will travel to Athens to finish his project. As all this sounded very last minute and Rohit was so calm, I did not expect after this holiday we will be returning to England as Fiancè/es. So off we went on our quad bikes, sightseeing the beautiful island. The following day Rohit explained how he wants to go to this Greek Restaraunt that had a panoramic view overlooking the island and we need to dress up for it. This again is typical of us as we love food and restaurants.

So a car picked us up from our hotel at 7:30 pm. The driver is driving so slow and comes to a standstill at the top of a mountain. The driver hands Rohit a blindfold to place over my eyes. I was SO confused and couldn’t understand what was going on. Typical me said- “what about my mascara?”, I mean I had spent time on my makeup?! Ha! My heart started beating faster as I knew something was going on. I kept asking Rohit, what is happening? & he replied saying “Don’t worry, I’m just taking you for a ride”. The driver then sped down the mountain. The whole journey I was holding Rohit’s hand and smiling. Nervous. Happy. Excited. The car parked up 5 minutes later and Rohit opened the door and guided me down what felt like a million cobble steps, still blindfolded. In the distance, I heard the cover Perfect by Boyce Avenue & all of a sudden we were in the middle of a candlelit heart with the most perfect soul on one knee asking for my hand in marriage. This was followed by a romantic private dinner for two, overlooking the most breath-taking views of Santorini.

Anjalin and Rohit's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

The whole evening was spent with Rohit telling me how he had planned and thought about this moment.

There was never a project in Athens. He was working in his usual office in London. He gave me fake flight details to Athens. Even gave me a text when he had “landed” at 4 am in “Athens”. Put his phone on flight mode when he was meant to be on a “flight” so my messages etc… wouldn’t go through. It was all a made up story to throw me off!

I cannot wait to marry my Soulmate!!!!