Anitria and Sam

Anitria's Proposal in 1424 Bistro, 1424 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701

How We Met

Sam and I met in college at Baylor University through a ministry called FaceTime with God. At the time I was currently serving as a leader in the ministry and he had just joined team leadership team in Spring of 2015. Initially, I was never interested in him and he had a girlfriend. We got closer at an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship camp conference that summer and became best friends after that. Him and his girlfriend broke up that same summer, which was a difficult break up for him, so I made sure to be present during that time. Fall of 2015 came and went while our friendship continued to grow stronger. Spring of 2016 I announced that I was stepping down from leadership with FaceTime with God to start a Latino ministry on campus, although Sam was happy for me, he couldn’t help but be extremely unsettled with the idea of me no longer being around. As he prayed to try and understand these feelings, it led him to realize how much he loved me. He got together a couple of friends and made up a birthday song for me that year, before professing his feelings to me, and this is what really had me thinking about him and I being more than friends. On May 4th, 2016, Sam, in the most embarrassing way, told me how much he liked me. He knew our friendship was being risked, but he also knew he had to tell me how he felt. Ever since that day, Sam has been so intentional in his way of loving me, respecting me, and caring for me that I couldn’t help but fall in love almost immediately. Little did I know that almost a year later he would propose via flashmob.

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The days leading up to the proposal, Sam made sure I was under the impression that we were having an early graduation dinner because some of his family members weren’t going to to be able to stay after his graduation ceremony that Saturday. It made sense to me, especially because restaurants in Waco get packed on graduation day. Little did I know he had been planning the proposal since December of 2016. Sam actually choreographed the entire dance and made sure to simplify the moves for those who didn’t dance and weren’t confident in their dancing abilities, like my family. He sent videos of himself going through the dance moves to everyone and was in constant communication with my closest friends and family. There were so many things that happened behind the scenes to make this happen. All of my closest friends and my family (who drove up 7 hours that day) played a part in it and did such a great job of hiding the big secret, because I literally had no idea what was coming. So, the day comes and Sam had his sisters execute a great plan to make sure they were able to excuse themselves from the table with ample time to set up outside.

The song Forever by Chris Brown begins to play and Sam gets up to start dancing. Initially, it didn’t surprise me that he started dancing because that is a “Sam Thing” to do, especially if it is one of his favorite songs, which Forever just so happens to be. In reality Sam doesn’t dance sporadically in public, but in my mind it is ordinary for Sam to jump up and do a couple of dance moves because he is silly, but what isn’t ordinary is him continuing for longer than 5 seconds.

The funny thing is when he did continue dancing I just thought to myself, “Oh he is just so excited about graduating in two days!” It didn’t dawn on me that he was proposing until other people joined in. I was in total shock as I sat there watching him and my friends dance. I am a huge fan of dancing so I loved being able to watch it all unfold before me. It just got better and better as friends continued to pop out of nowhere! Sam set it up where he was able to slip out unnoticed and had my friends do solos, which was so fun! But when they all started yelling at me, “Come on!” I had no idea what was coming. All I could think about was, “Don’t fall. Don’t sprain your ankle” as I ran in heels to the front of the restaurant. As soon as I walked out I immediately see my brother and my sister and begin to cry. I was so happy to know that they were there to take part of such a special day. As I scanned the courtyard, I saw best friends, coworkers, future sister-in-laws, and family members and I was overwhelmed with joy. Then as they clear the floor to make room for Sam to walk in, my heart skipped a beat as I made eye contact with the love of my life. Although I wish I could’ve ran to him, I had to walk since I was in heels, but I was just so ready to embrace him and say yes!

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He had a speech ready to go, but I didn’t even let him finish before saying yes and picking him up to hug me. Then that is when I saw my dad and mom walk in and my heart melted. It was so amazing to have them there and see their faces of pure happiness for me. It was a blissful moment. Then we finished off the night with dinner and a surprise Engagement party at my apartment afterwards was the absolute best. This day was so meaningful and I cannot wait until I get to say yes to my best friend!

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