Anita and Robin

How We Met

We met in Junior high through mutual friends in 2008. Robin had moved to Edmonton; Alberta from Ontario and we became really good friends. We started officially dating in 2009!

How They Asked

The proposal was definitely a surprise. Robin created a short movie that consisted of different family and friends from all over the world from both of our lives sending video messages for Anita. The movie also contained a slideshow of pictures and videos of us over the years from our early days to now.

Anita was picked up by Robin’s two younger brothers and was told we were going to dinner with some family. Once she got in the car, they handed her an iPad and played the video as she was on the way to the proposal location. The timing was perfect because as the video finished, she arrived at the proposal spot, which was Forest Heights in Edmonton, Alberta. The video ended off with the words “You are and always will be the best thing that has ever happened to me-come and find me…”. Robin had set up the proposal spot in such a way that it would take place overlooking the entire city. This was important as Edmonton had been such a meaningful aspect of their relationship. It was the place they would always come back to each other, even if they had to go away for school. After coordinating with a decorator and a photographer, Robin was waiting at the location with a bouquet of flowers and the ring. Anita (most likely knowing what is happening by now) tearfully walked towards the spot. As Anita met Robin at the floral backdrop, Robin knelt down on one knee and popped the question, and the rest is history!



Special Thanks

Shandro Photo
 | Photography
Final Touches
 | Planning