Anita and Rahul


How We Met

Rahul and I met when I was in middle school at a summer retreat. We became good friends through our conversations on AIM, phone calls, etc. considering I always lived in Chicago and he always in New York. We kind of always had a crush on one another, but being in a long distance relationship while in high school wasn’t really part of our plan. We continued seeing one another once or twice a year at retreats. Oh, and did I mention he was my first kiss? So instead of pursuing a relationship, we remained good friends, always kept in touch, dated other people, and it wasn’t until 4 years ago that he visited me in Chicago. One thing led to another and we’ve been in a long distance relationship ever since. We’re so excited to get married, but even more to finally live in the same state!

how they asked

We were in Thailand for a friend’s wedding. While we were in Phuket, Rahul mentioned that we were going to take a boat to a another island, and our friends wouldn’t be joining us. At first I thought it was odd, but he said he wanted to spend some time alone. Rahul’s always been full of surprises so I thought nothing of it other than a romantic gesture. On the car ride from the resort to the dock, Rahul was super quiet and seemed nervous. I asked him if he was feeling okay, thinking he might have eaten something bad. When we arrived at the dock, and were about to get onto the boat Rahul introduced me to the photographers that would be joining us. He said, “we’re in a beautiful country so I thought we should get some nice pictures.” I thought, huh dramatic, but really sweet. The boat ride started off really bumpy, and I was giving Rahul a hard time because it seemed to be taking forever to get to this other island.

The photographer was taking pictures throughout the duration of ride, and all of a sudden Rahul turned to me, and held my hands. I thought, oh God I think I know what’s going on here. He started to say, “Everyday I wake up thinking of you. You’ve always been the girl of my dreams. I can’t wait to spend my whole life with you…” Honestly I can’t even remember all that he said because I was too busy crying, and you know how it is. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


Of course I said yes! Afterwards, we finally arrived to Bon Island, and we were literally the only ones there. The sun was setting, and it was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.


We had a mini photoshoot, and popped some champagne.



I didn’t care how bumpy the ride was on the way back, as I was on cloud nine.


I still get chills thinking about this very day, if I could I’d relive it over and over again.