Anita and Landon

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How We Met

We met on the Tinder app. He was traveling through Vancouver to go on a trip to southeast Asia in late 2015. He lived 3 hours away from me so it was the only way we would be able to match. During his whole trip, we skyped and chatted. It took almost a year before we met in person because of our travel schedules but once we did, I knew right away I was going to date him. Unfortunately, I ended up moving to Australia for a year and a half which put the relationship on hold… We chatted weekly and it was very clear we were like best friends and liked each other but the distance wasn’t going to make anything grow further. The following year I came back and he was the first person to greet me when I got home, taking me for lunch and rekindling our friendship/the start of our relationship. We spent the next 8 months or so hanging out until we finally made things official! He ended up moving down to Vancouver to be with me and it’s now been 2 years officially together!

How They Asked

Due to COVID 19, our 2 yearly vacations were canceled. The frustration and the anxiety of staying home and not adventuring are so not like us so when things got a lot better with the virus in our province, we were finally allowed to do some local trips. We decided that we needed a weekend away for some hiking, sightseeing, and hopefully wildlife sightings so we booked an Airbnb… off to Tofino we went. From the 4 am wake up, the trip was already on it’s way to being amazing, we caught the early ferry, made tons of pit stops along the way, hiking to waterfalls, eating donuts and enjoying the sights. The day could not have been more amazing. The next day it rained buckets but we still made our way into the trails and had an amazing time exploring the many beaches.

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Since it poured rain and we had lunch later than expected, our plans for dinner didn’t quite work so we said we would reschedule something for the next day when the sun would be out and the views from the restaurant would be better. Sunday came and we explored downtown Tofino. He told me he wanted to walk down to the wharf area to check out the view so we did. Watched the seaplanes go up and down… flying in one of them was high on my bucket list… 20 mins later I’m thinking we are walking back to the car but instead he tells me we are there because we are going for a flight. I was totally shocked and super excited and actually didn’t believe him at first. 25 mins of being in the air overlooking the beautiful BC islands, I was over the moon excited, but the excitement didn’t stop there…

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We finished up and decide to head to the beach near the resort restaurant we were planning on going to for dinner and instead of going inside to eat right away he tells me he wants to explore the beach first, so we do…. we had a tripod to take cute pictures everywhere we go and for 30 min on the beach, he was fussing about not being able to get the perfect picture because people kept walking the beach in the view. I didn’t understand why it was so important lol. I was a bit cold from the wind and was getting hungry so I was trying to be patient as I am normally the one who’s photo crazy. After we finally got a few cute pictures, I tell him I want a cute kissing one before we go inside, so he says sure, sets the camera and runs out to me with the timer on, little did I know it was going to be on video and this was going to be THE moment.

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After we take the picture I was thinking finally, I get to go eat crabcakes and he was thinking proposal lol… 2 seconds later…. he said Babe, and I knew just from the way he looked at me that this was it… He got on one knee and asked me to marry him. That’s when I balled my eyes out, hugged him and said yes!! 5 mins later realizing he caught the whole thing on video made me tear up, even more, I was so shocked and so excited. I had no idea that this weekend was going to be THE weekend. He told me he had been carrying the ring in his jean pocket all day just in case we got to the perfect moment. We went back to the restaurant where we were greeted with Champagne and tons of congrats as people watched us from the restaurant window. It was amazing!

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