Anita and Ben

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How We Met

I had recently broken up with an ex and started a new job as a bartender. The last thing I was looking for was a boyfriend. I had seen Ben around my job a few times with mutual friends and thought I may have knew him. I told one of our friends that he was attractive and looked familiar. When I finally came face to face with him, I asked if we knew each other and he said “I don’t think so.” He was so kind and sweet that I thought I may have known him. Later on I realized he is just a very nice person and anyone who knows him can second that! That night he left his phone number and a great tip on his tab! He picks at me still to this day about how I text him the very next morning. Months later after spending a lot of time together, he asked me to be his girlfriend on Oct 22nd 2013. He carved “GF?” in a pumpkin and took me to a nice dinner!

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how they asked

Ben and I have been together for almost 3 years now and he knows I am very hard to surprise. We talked about engagement but knew it would be a while before it happened but I always told him I wanted to be genuinely surprised. Our annual corporate retreat was coming up and of course Ben was my plus one. The previous week we went to a Braves baseball game with some of Ben’s family. I thought that if he was going to propose anytime soon, the game would have been a great opportunity. I thought that Ben would never propose to me on a work trip so it was the last thing on my mind! The first night there as a cocktail hour and nice dinner on the itinerary. As we finished up dinner, Ben rushed me to get back to the room because he had a surprise for me. I was not comfortable leaving the dinner early but somehow he convinced me. We made it back to the room and he asked me to walk out on the balcony.

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He brought me a scrapbook he had made and said that was my surprise. I looked through all of our memories and read the sweetest notes from him. At this point, I was wondering what is going on? Why did you do something so sweet? He said he had one more surprise and asked me to walk down to the lake with him. As we approach the lakeside there is fire pit with champagne (my favorite drink!). I said “what is going on, this is so sweet, why did you do this?” Just then he pulled me to the side and I saw the event photographer hiding on the dock. In this moment my heart was beating and all I could say is “Are you serious?”

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